Taking care of your ears is more important than you think. In fact, your hearing is connected to different types of health issues – therefore if you take care of your general health, you can also protect your hearing. If you do have any hearing issues, or even tinnitus or balance issues, you should ask your audiologist what their opinion is on your hearing and if you need further tests. So here are some other ways to improve your general health and your hearing too!

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Here is a great way to improve blood flow to the ears, but in a more focused way, as specific poses and postures can protect and improve hearing. Yoga is also effective in treating the phenomenon of tinnitus, hearing a buzzing or ringing in the ears, as researchers have found that continuous activity of yoga is able to relieve its symptoms and relieve stress.  Interesting but true, so if you enjoy yoga, it may be good to look at some type of activity in order to feel healthier. 


It turns out that games that test our hearing skills, such as those that can be found online or in apps, can also improve it. Researchers who conducted a study among a group of seniors divided them into two groups – one group was asked to play memory game simulations, while the other group was asked to play games related to listening to conversations, and in the end it turned out that members of the other group were able to improve their hearing. It is also a form of brain training so it can be vital to all areas of your general health

Sound detection

This is a fairly simple activity that can be done anywhere: for example, whenever you are in line at a store or even lying in bed, try to isolate the sounds you hear and recognize each and every one of them. Try to see if you can separate them into different types of sounds, focus on just one of them and the rest in the background, then do it again with a different sound. The more you improve in this activity, the better you will be able to hear conversations in a noisy environment, as you will only be able to focus on sounds that are relevant to you.  This may sound a little juvenile, but it could possibly help! 

The following nutrients can help improve hearing 

  1. Carotenoids and especially astaxanthin and vitamin A.
  2. Folic acid
  3. Magnesium
  4. Zinc
  5. Another key finding is that folic acid improves tinnitus (a sound a person hears but is not from an external source, similar to an auditory illusion) or ringing in the ears.

These nutrients maintain and strengthen hearing in a number of overall ways Improving blood flow by reducing damage to the cochlea associated with damage to the vascular system.

  1. Improving the metabolism of homocysteine (a toxic metabolite that when it accumulates in the body it creates plaque that causes problems in the heart and blood vessels).
  2. Protect against oxidative stress in the cochlea.
  3. Prevents damage from free radicals.