The Earth is an incredible place, filled with cultures and experiences that few people get the chance to experience. There are a myriad of activities the world over that you could be engaging with right now, if only you knew where to start, which is why this article exists. Below are a handful of incredibly engaging and exciting activities that you could engage with to give yourself a new lease on life, all you have to do is say “yes”.

1. Scuba Diving

Oceans make up over 70% of the world’s surface. That is an enormous amount of the earth that you will quite literally never get to experience below the surface, other than by scuba diving. This amazingly engaging activity allows you the singularly incredible experience of breathing underwater, not only that but with your goggles on you can see underwater in a way you’ve never seen underwater before. The oceans are teeming with life and beautiful ecosystems just waiting to be explored. Just dive in.

2. Sky Diving

Speaking of diving, have you ever wondered what it feels like to fall through the sky? Ever considered what it sounds like to have the wind roaring past you and to see the world like only birds do? To watch the earth come rushing up, rising to meet you and feel that thrill of adrenaline pumping through your veins? If your answer to that question was yes, then sky diving is absolutely something you should think about trying out. There are very, very few experiences that even come close to sky diving and it is definitely worth a try, even if you only do it the one time.

3. Mountain/Rock Climbing

Mountain climbing is the purest expression of human determination and ambition, according to climbers at least. Simple and pure dogged willpower come into play as you literally scale the peaks of the tallest points on the earth itself. Not only is it incredibly good for your health, it’s also good for your mind. Clear air and time to meditate. Time to think. There are very few ways to get a more honest glimpse of the magnitude of nature than from the top of a mountain and fewer still to see what truly lies within yourself.

4. LASIK Eye Surgery

If you suffer from issues with your eyes that give you poor eyesight then LASIK eye surgery in Baton Rouge could, quite literally, allow you to see the world anew. By correcting your vision you could gain the opportunity to engage in any of the above activities while being able to see the world properly. No glasses required. Not only could this allow you to truly experience activities like these to the fullest, but it may even give you the confidence to engage in even more fascinating and enjoyable activities allowing you to continue seeing the world in all new ways.

5. Reshape How You Think

Finally, one of the best ways to prime yourself to see the world for what it truly could be, is to align your mind with the intention to experience life to its fullest. To engage with every opportunity that arises for you. That is, honestly, the best way to see the world for what it could be.