Your wedding day is universally accepted to be the greatest, most incredible and special day of you and your fiancé’s life and the more personalized and unique you make it, the more your wedding guests will feel part of the beginning of your new adventure together. 

Family and Friends 

With your RSVP cards, ask each of your guests to send back a photograph of them and use these photographs for the seating arrangement for your wedding luncheon. Photo boards of the bride and groom throughout various stages of your courtship, including holiday photographs and pictures of pets and other loved ones can be used to decorate the walls of your reception venue. Consider recognizing deceased loved ones or people unable to share your special day with you for another reason by honoring them with a place on a separate photo board in a corner of the reception room. 

On the dancefloor, hang some mistletoe from the ceiling, regardless of the time of year your wedding falls on and during the wedding speeches, hand out tribute bouquets to special loved ones otherwise not honored in the wedding service. A short, handwritten note folded inside each placeholder card will add an intimate and personalized touch, especially when you and your spouse will be too busy to spend quality time with each and every wedding guest. You could also consider printing fun and interesting facts about you and your partner on the napkins for the table. 

Make the greatest day of your life for you and your soulmate even more memorable by hiring a beautiful classic car to transport the bride to the wedding and the newly-weds to the reception. Vintage cars, such as those available from , are a spectacular way to start the celebrations and make the happy couple’s departure from the church a truly memorable one. 

Vintage Cars and Music

When sending back their RSVPS, wedding guests could be asked to supply three songs of their choosing which, when collected, could form the playlist for the evening celebrations. 

Stylish Accessories 

Consider a handmade and statement belt for the bridal gown and similarly designed handkerchiefs for the groomsmen. For the bridal bouquet, the addition of a ribbon embellished with the bride’s birthstone adds a personal and intimate touch to the flower arrangement. For the bride, a striking hairstyle that will last the entire day and night is vital, consider a beehive up-do with dangling earrings to set off the style. Ornate, gold-plated candlestick holders on the tables provide a warm, intimate glow as the day moves into evening. Give each table an individual name and add a small note explaining the significance of each table for your guests to peruse and discover more about the happy couple. 

Consider asking friends and family that live locally to your wedding location to bring homemade desserts for your reception which is both cost-effective and truly adds a sentimental, personalized touch to the evening.