When you think of beauty regimes to keep on top of during the summer months, nail care may not spring to mind. While your main focus may be on shaving your legs and protecting your skin from the sun, your nails are in serious need of TLC as the temperatures start rising. 

Setting aside some time to look after your nails will pay off, so here are some effective ways to do just that during the summer.

Keep Them Nourished

If you’re out and about over the summer, your nails can quickly dehydrate. This is because of the harmful UV rays that can cause your once well moisturised nails to turn dry, brittle, and flaky. Also, if you’re heading into the sea and swimming pool, too much contact with water can be damaging to your nails. To prevent this from happening, you can use oils and hand creams to up your moisture levels, giving your nails the nourishment they need.

Maintain the Length

When the warmer weather arrives, you can expect your nails to grow quicker. If you’re not careful, leaving your nails to grow can increase your risk of infection, especially for your toenails. This means you need to pay attention to the length of your nails. Purchasing a toenail clipper is a must for the summer, giving you a tool that will keep you on top of cutting and trimming your nails. Visit a beauty salon like utopiabeautique.com for professional manicures and pedicures to keep your nails in order.

Keep Them Clean and Dry

Although it may sound obvious, many of us neglect our nails on a day-to-day basis. If you’re not keeping your nails clean and dry, this can cause bacteria to grow under your fingernails. For those who are prone to biting their fingernails, this can damage your nail bed, so try your best to get out of the habit. Other ways to keep your nails clean and dry include wearing rubber gloves when washing the dishes or using harsh chemicals. 

Change Your Diet

You may not be aware, but adding more omega-3 fatty acids and protein into your diet can do wonders for your nails. Keratin is a type of protein that forms the cells that make up your nail tissue, meaning it plays a vital role in nail health. Keratin is produced you’re incorporating more foods like beans, nuts, and fish into your diet. Vitamin B is also excellent for strengthening your nails. You should be drinking plenty of water throughout the day, not only to keep hydrated but to protect your nails too. Making minor changes to your diet during the summer will pay off when it comes to maintaining your nails.

We forget just how much we use our hands every day, with nails being there to protect them and provide a strong shield as we perform daily tasks. With summer now here, using the tips above will help you keep on top of your nail care.