Discussing senior living with your parents can be a tough conversation. But once you’ve come together to find the right solution to suit everyone, there’s a long road to preparing them for their new life.

Everything from downsizing, managing paperwork, and staying organized will need to be arranged, and the whole family should work together on the project. 

When moving into assisted living in Rockville, MD, chances are, there will be a lot of downsizing to do with can be difficult and emotionally daunting. 

That’s why we’re sharing this guide to prepare your senior parents (and you) for the move. 

Start early, take your time 

If your parents still live in the house your family grew up in; there will be a lot of emotional attachment – both for them and you. After living in a property for decades, there’s bound to be a lot of stuff that’s accumulated over the years that probably doesn’t need to be kept. Of course, the attic and spare bedrooms will be the biggest burdens; kid’s old books, school projects that have collected dust, and clothes everyone thought they’d eventually fit into but didn’t. 

There’s going to be a lot to get through. 

But all of these things do hold some level of sentimental value, which makes the processing of clearing everything out much trickier. 

Ensure to take your time with the packing and purging and keep everything and anything your parents hold dear. 

The easiest way to tackle the mammoth project is to all work together in one room at a time. By starting with the least used rooms of the house, you can make plenty of progress without disrupting your parent’s daily routine or causing obstruction in areas of the house they use. 

Create a floor plan

The assisted living community you’ve chosen will be more than happy to provide room dimensions or prepare the space for you to visit. With this information, you can create a floorplan of the space your parents will have to themselves. This should help when it comes to discussing what to keep and what to get rid of – as there simply won’t be enough room for everything. 

The floor plan can work as a gentle reminder of this while also helping to get them excited for their new space. In addition, being able to visualize where their belongings will go might make the transition easier. 

Life admin and paperwork 

While the packing is being taken care of, you’ll also need to consider all the life admin that needs to be sorted before the move. Things like canceling utility bills, setting up a postal redirect, and letting everyone know about the change of address. 

It’s also worth making sure all the paperwork for the new accommodation is sorted. For example, you’ll need to ensure nurses have an up-to-date health record and a list of any medications currently prescribed so that they can create a personalized health plan. 

The transition period is challenging for the whole family. But by working together and staying open and communicative throughout, it could be a smooth and positive process.