There are many reasons to invest in an older property, whether it’s due to a love of character, wanting to do a little renovation, or perhaps even completely refurbish. The problem with investing in older houses is the potential for many more problems that you wouldn’t find with a modern home or new build. These problems have the potential to run deep, such as foundational issues and plumbing problems. 

As long as you do enough research into the potential problems and have the budget to maintain them, there’s no reason an older house can’t still be your dream home. To help, here are the most common plumbing issues you might find in older houses. 

Old Fashioned and Outdated Plumbing Systems

With an old home also comes the potential for old fixtures and fittings, and this is true of your plumbing system, too. Pipes and fittings in your older home may be completely outdated, and therefore not able to work effectively at a modern standard. The passage of time can also worsen the potential for problems, and it can always be that old-fashioned plumbing has also corroded away in your old home. 

If you suspect your home might have an outdated plumbing system, it’s always a good idea to have it professionally inspected as soon as possible. This will ensure that your outdated system isn’t worsening over time without any checks. 

Pipe Materials are Very Old 

An older home means that the materials used when it was made are going to be very old, too. This includes the materials used for your plumbing system, which could be old materials that are no longer used for modern plumbing systems. 

If you think that your older home is in need of the plumbing and pipes to be replaced by modern materials, it’s always a good idea to get professional advice from plumbing services like to see what can be improved.

The Potential for Pipe Bellies

The foundations and overall structure of older buildings can naturally shift over time. Depending on how old your property is, this could be potential for extra movement. When the structure of your property shifts, it’s possible for this to affect the positioning of your pipes too. 

Pipe bellies can form when the pipes under your home begin to slope due to movement. The result of this can be plumbing problems such as restricted water flow and collection of waste. The longer this is left unattended, the more risk there is for further pipe damage or leaks, so always be sure to have a plumber inspect any pipe bellies.

Sewage Line Failure

The sewage system for old houses is also likely to be very different to modern-day plumbing, and there’s always potential for sewage problems or failures if the foundations have shifted. Failing sewage lines means the potential for waste to move where it’s not supposed to go, including backed up into your home. You should easily notice any problems with your sewage lines due to the smell, or maybe even visible problems, and it’s important not to delay in getting professional services to fix any broken sewage systems.