Looking after the planet isn’t just about our own actions, it’s about raising kids with the right values. If you want your children to care about the planet, you’ve got to teach them how and why. Thankfully it’s easy to do with the right simple tips.

1 . Simple habits at home

Teaching your children to be earth-conscious doesn’t need to be difficult, all you need to do is focus on simple habits. Remind your kids to switch off lights when they leave the room, or plug sockets when they are not using a device. Tell them not to leave the tap running when they are brushing their teeth.

When you are encouraging these habits, remember to explain to your children why it’s important to do these things. If your kids understand these concepts, they are more likely to engage.

2 . Talk to them about recycling 

Give your children a talk about recycling, explain why it’s crucial that we recycle everything, and let them help you. Explain why you choose biodegradable packaging over non-biodegradable options. Talk about why you choose certain products over others. To help you chat to your kids about recycling, here are a few useful books:

What A Waste By Jess French: This is the perfect book to help kids learn about recycling. There are plenty of fun ideas covering themes like water efficiency, energy efficiency, and grocery shopping.

A Planet Full Of Plastic By Neal Layton: Here is a great book to teach children about plastic. There are beautiful illustrations and plenty of kid-friendly descriptions.

3. Get out amongst nature

If you want your children to care about the planet you’ve got to ensure that they get out amongst nature. The world of technology has plenty of benefits for kids, but it’s also important that children connect with nature.

Take your kids to the forest often, to the beach, and to wild-swimming spots. Explore these landscapes with curiosity, take pictures, collect natural objects, and learn fun facts. Talk to your children about different ecosystems, and why it’s vital to protect animal habitats.

4. Talk about looking after toys

Being earth friendly isn’t just about the trees and the animals, it’s about consuming less, and looking after what we have. Talk to your children about looking after their possessions. Ensure that they understand about consumption and waste, (even if only a basic idea). It’s best to invest in a few quality toys that last, rather than a large number of lower quality items. Toys like the transforming vehicle dizzy are great quality and affordably priced too! If you want to go super eco-friendly, try making kids toys out of your recycling.

5. Grow vegetables together

Growing vegetables together is one of the best ways to teach kids about sustainability. You’ll teach your children new things, produce nutritious foods, and enjoy your garden space. Kids are naturally curious so they’ll really enjoy the vegetable growing process. If you don’t have a garden space check out a few vegetables that you can grow indoors. Gardening is an amazing way to boost your wellbeing.

Once you get your kids excited about saving the planet, they’re likely to have lots of creative ideas of their own!