Diversity in the finance industry is an important topic that needs addressing. Unfortunately, the financial sector has been predominantly male, but fortunately, more and more organizations are working hard to change this. This post will discuss 5 of the top organizations promoting diversity in finance and how they’re making a difference so that everyone can work in an inclusive environment.

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Wall Street Bound

Wall Street Bound is a podcast dedicated to ensuring that diverse voices are heard on Wall Street. With the mission of getting more people in underrepresented communities (LGBTQ, women, African-Americans) into finance careers and helping them succeed once they’re there, this podcast tackles topics including career development, industry trends, and diversity within the financial sector. 

Hosted by Wall Street veterans, the podcast is a great resource for financial inclusion for black communities and anyone looking to break into finance or grow their career in the field. The show also includes interviews with industry leaders and notable guests making a difference, from CEOs to investors. In addition, the founders of Wall Street Bound, Monique, and Martina, are both members of underrepresented communities themselves.

100 Women in Finance

Finance is, by and large, a white-male-dominated sphere of the workforce. One organization that’s working to combat this imbalance is 100 Women in Finance (100 WIF). Over the past 20 years, it has produced 25 conferences featuring over 500 speakers, including CEOs from some of the largest banks, heads of investment firms such as Goldman Sachs, and CFOs of tech giants such as Tesla.

This organization has also created the 100 Women in Finance Scholarship, which offers full tuition for women to pursue an MBA degree at any accredited institution with their choice of specialization. 100 WIF is one example of many organizations making strides towards gender equality throughout finance by providing a platform for women in the field to speak and make their voices heard.

Women of Wall Street

Women of Wall Street is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing women in finance. The organization seeks to educate, inspire, and empower new generations of diverse leaders for the global financial services industry through mentorship programs, educational events, and networking opportunities and advocate for equal access rights without discrimination across all sectors.

Fintech in Action

Fintech in Action is a blog that focuses on the latest trends and innovations within the financial industry to help you be proactive in your finances. In addition, they publish articles about different topics, such as blockchain technology and bitcoins. Fintech in Action also covers relevant news stories from across all sectors of finance.

Greenwood Project

Greenwood Project is a financial education and empowerment organization founded to help people of color access the American Dream. The organization focuses on providing information, skills training, and connections in order to provide an alternative for lower-income minority communities to gain personal economic stability. In addition, they are committed to helping people join the middle class by reducing barriers like discrimination, lack of access to financial products and services, limited education opportunities, poor health outcomes, and more.


This is not to say that the finance industry can’t change. There are many organizations devoted to promoting diversity in finance, and they have made significant progress on this front. The next step for these companies is continuing their work by increasing representation of women in leadership positions, providing more opportunities for underrepresented populations in the industry, and ensuring diverse perspectives are represented in decision-making.