A new relationship is a thrilling experience. When you think about them or speak to them, you get butterflies. You envisage your lives together because everything is so great right now that you don’t want it to change. When the honeymoon period is over, though, the flame can quickly be lost if you fall into a daily pattern of the same rigmarole. You begin to recognise each other’s flaws, and despite the fact that you love each other, you yearn for some excitement in your relationship. Take a look at these ideas for rekindling the flame in your relationship.


Do something spontaneous

Doing something unexpected for your lover is one of the best methods to ignite a flame. Make them feel like a million dollars by cooking their favourite meal, whisking them away on a surprise vacation, or even arranging for them to do something they enjoy (with you, of course). Doing something unexpected to express your love and caring for them. This generally encourages them to do something for you as well, and the cycle repeats itself, demonstrating how much you value your spouse.

Keep in mind that all relationships take hard work

No relationship is flawless, and if it appears to be, it’s either extremely new or one of them is afraid to express their genuine thoughts. You’ll disagree from time to time, and you’ll feel like you’re stuck in a rut in your relationship at times. Make sure you’re both rooting for each other on every adventure you have together. Compliment your spouse, accept criticism, and live each day as it comes. If you need some extra help you may even consider marriage counseling. Life is too short to keep score or quarrel, so even if you’re frustrated, take the time to make amends because you never know when you’ll wake up and it’ll be too late.

Be more intimate

While sex is a vital aspect of any relationship, it isn’t the only one. Keeping things physical by hugging and kissing them more frequently, holding hands while watching TV, and giving them a back rub on occasion might make them feel cherished. A physical act like a back rub, more often than not, leads to sexual intercourse, which, as you know, keeps the flame alive in your relationship.

Admit when you’re wrong!

One of the most common mistakes people make in their relationships is refusing to admit when they are wrong. Stop keeping score on who has or hasn’t done something, because it will quickly devolve into a war you won’t be able to escape. It’s difficult to acknowledge when you’re wrong, but once you do, you’ll realise that there are fewer conflicts and you’re getting along a lot better than before. We all have flaws that irritate one another, and once you both show that you want to change for one other, things will start to improve right away.

To summarise, take advantage of any opportunity to make your spouse feel appreciated. Allow little things to slide, and make sure you’re continually communicating to ensure you’re both on the same page. Your passion will return soon!