Company culture has a serious impact on reputation, staff retention, and overall productivity. For this reason, every business in the world should strive to create a culture positive enough to inspire numerous hopeful applicants. The first step to doing that is learning how. If you’re interested in building a business culture that inspires each employee, here are six ways to get started.

1. Provide a Real Purpose 

A positive company culture only really starts when everyone has a synchronized purpose, and that means creating company values that stick. What your values are will depend on what you sell; if you’re a tech company, your goals will likely align with technological advancement. 

One universally accepted company value is going green. If you can get everyone on board with a green purpose within the company, everyone will feel aligned in their mission. A great place to start is recycling in the workplace and then introducing more eco-friendly methods from there. 

2. Allow Talent to Shine 

People don’t naturally fall into selective boxes, so you shouldn’t force your employees into them. While you might have employed someone to work in sales, if they show talent elsewhere, let them explore that. Not only will it get the best work out of people, but your staff will feel freer to pursue their passions. 

3. Create a Positive Environment

Everyone works better in a positive environment. If your desks are cramped and there’s little natural light, staff aren’t likely to stay around for long. However, if you provide comfortable desks, a relaxing break room, and great décor, employees will be more than happy to put their best efforts into their tasks. Plus, a positive environment makes a great impression on clients and business partners who visit! 

4. Embrace Workplace Flexibility 

Some people love the simplicity of a nine until five shift five days a week, while others prefer a less structured work week. Embrace both of those. By providing your staff with more flexibility and choice within their work, you promote a happier workplace. The same goes for those who like to work at home – if a member of staff can do their job from home on their laptop, offer them that alternative. 

5. Plan Company Outings 

A better company culture arises when staff gets on well, and a great way to promote that is by planning more company outings. Whether you want to treat your team to a midday lunch or a business party, try doing it outside the office from time to time. People usually loosen up when they spend time away from the workplace. 

6. Listen to Employee Feedback 

No matter how great your company is to work for, there will always be ways you can improve. To learn how yours can, you must listen to employee feedback. Even if you don’t make changes for every suggestion, listening to each comment and considering how to help shows that you genuinely care about the people who work for you.