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Life is an unexpected journey so you never know what is around the corner. You might have plans to follow a certain career path and so far it has not worked out how you envisaged. This doesn’t mean you should give up altogether just because things haven’t worked out so far. Here are some reasons as to why you should persist and follow your dream goals career wise.  

You Will Become More Resilient 

If everything just fell into place easily where would be the challenge in that? Sometimes not getting that job that you applied for or things not working out how you wanted can make you stronger as a person and more determined to succeed. It can in actuality be a good thing when you don’t get the job you wanted as it allows you to try different career paths and think about something else that you are good at that you could pursue instead. 

Expand Your Skill Set

You might just think that you are only good at one particular skill set but in reality there are more things that you can do. If you just focus on one career objective you are denying yourself the opportunity to pursue other interests and adventures. It is far more interesting to expand your skills and knowledge than just hone in on one particular skill. 

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It Will Boost Your Confidence 

Being happy in life is just as important as earning a living, although of course you need to make money to be able to pay your bills and feed your family, you also want to feel truly content and confident in life as well. When you are not doing something you enjoy as a job, the feeling of satisfaction and joy is not apparent and it can start to eat away at your personal relationships. 

Opportunity to Meet New People

Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut following exactly the same routine each day and week. The opportunity to connect and meet with new people is always a positive, so being able to change jobs will enable you to meet and make new friends and expand your faith circle. 

Help Others to Pursue Their Dreams Too 

The journey doesn’t just end when you reach the top, you will then have the opportunity to become a tutor and mentor to others so that they too can reach their potential goals. You could find yourself running an investment and financial company like Elizabeth Edwards who is also an advocate for other women in business and education. Once you reach where you wanted to, you will then be able to pass on any knowledge or wisdom that you learnt in your journey and help others to achieve the same. 

Prevent Feelings of Regret

It can be easy to turn down an opportunity because you don’t feel as though it is the appropriate time to move jobs or home. But what if years later you are sitting pondering about the decisions you made and thinking ‘what if I had taken up that job?’ or ‘Where would my life be now and what could have been different?’. You don’t want to be having feelings of regret or guilt at how your life could have turned out differently. So to avoid this, just try it out instead and see what happens. The worst that can happen is that you don’t enjoy this new new job and may want to try out something else instead which you will be more proficient and confident in. You owe it to yourself to at least try. 

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You Will Be Happier in Your Personal Life

If you are constantly stressed and in a job where you are no longer happy then you might not be in the mood to appreciate time with your family which is just as important. Pursuing your dream job where you are happy and appreciative can affect all aspects of your life, including your personal relationships. 

Life is far too short to be spending it in a dead end job where you are miserable and not enjoying it, so get out there and pursue your dreams as it is never too late. You deserve to be happy.