Every person approaches their version of facial care differently because every individual has different needs. What is essential to one person may seem unimportant to someone else. These differences are what create the many variations in popular beauty routines. Take, for example, face masks; skincare experts can fill libraries with volumes on this topic alone. Essential oils play an important role in skincare, and lavender, cbd oil available at CBDistillery, or lemongrass can give you the radiant, glowing skin of your dreams.

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The main components of skincare products are water, ingredients to nourish and hydrate, and essential oils for specific health benefits. 

What makes an essential oil special? 

To put it simply: they contain the lifeblood of the plant with potent antioxidants. Not only does this protect plants from damage due to ultraviolet radiation (sunlight), but it also helps increase shelf life for beauty-conscious individuals like yourself. While many kinds of botanical extracts (like citrus peel) provide plenty of antioxidants through dietary sources, these plant-based compounds don’t compare to their counterpart’s potency.

Lavender is a popular option that has been used for centuries, while blue cypress is a new player on the scene. Lemongrass oil, a long time favorite in skin care routines, is also popular. 

In addition to antioxidants, essential oils contain other plant-based compounds which can combat free radicals and reduce inflammation. 

But what about preservatives?

The answer: there’s no need to add chemical preservatives when nature herself provides such unique alternatives. With this knowledge, you can feel better about using lavender or lemongrass in your beauty regime because we’re tapping into the natural remedies that have passed down through generations and across continents for centuries upon centuries.

Lavender oil 

Lavender oil was used as medicine by ancient civilizations worldwide. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that chemists developed processing techniques to extract pure lavender oil from flowers and separate it from its natural base (alcohol). This process made it easier for lavender oil to be used in skincare routine, so it became the “it” ingredient of the modern era. Lavender is known as an effective antimicrobial agent due to its high linalool content. It also contains a myriad of flavonoids that give skin a radiant glow.

Lemongrass oil 

Lemongrass oil has been utilized throughout history as part of beauty rituals. Although it’s only recently become popular in America, lemongrass has been making waves throughout the world with its potent antioxidant properties. The plant’s active compound, citral, helps protect skin from sun damage while elasticizing and providing plenty of moisture. Not only that, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce redness and inflammation.

Blue cypress oil 

This botanical extract is relatively new to the beauty world; many people ask what blue cypress oil is. Not only has research shown that blue cypress (actually, all three types of cypress essential oils) contains potent antioxidant compounds like cyperene, but it also protects skin from microbial damage. 

Additionally, it’s effective in treating acne because of its detoxifying abilities. Researchers believe these benefits will continue to be discovered as they delve deeper into the plant extracts used for centuries throughout humanity.Remember: essential oil is a concentrated plant extract containing the plant’s active ingredients. Whether you use them undiluted or diluted in carrier oils, essential oils have an indispensable role to play in your skincare routine!