The cold and flu season is just around the corner which means it’s time to prepare. If you’re traveling during the cold season, then you may be aware that you need to be prepared to take additional precautions so you and your children will not get sick during the travels. Everyone knows that getting sick during the trip is the worst and it almost ruins the trip as well. Since that needs to be avoided before and during the trip ( preferably afterward as well). Since you want to stay as healthy as you can during traveling, with these are some fabulous tips, you’ll be able to keep your family safe during the cold, cough, and flu season.

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Before traveling

Whether you and your children are already feeling under the weather a couple of days before your trip or it’s already cold and flu season it’s best to try to have a good idea of what needs to be packed. But it’s also a good idea to go ahead and get started on the recovery process before the cold or anything else begins to really take a hit. This includes getting enough vitamin C daily, drinking tea, taking the right medication, and of course, getting plenty of rest. In general, just don’t push yourself and don’t push your kids as this time before the trip should be used for resting so your immune system can fight off the germs so there’s a chance you all will feel great before the big day.

You’ll also want to schedule appointments for your children as well with their local doctor, their doctor may even have to refer them to get a hearing test. You can learn more about that, everyone must visit their doctor before a big trip, and that includes the parents as well.

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Pack suitable clothes

The cold and flu season is mostly during the autumn, winter, and early spring months. Whether you’re traveling to a warm climate or somewhere a bit chilly, it’s so important that you and your kids keep warm. If you’re going by plane for your trip, then it’s best to know that planes can get very cold, especially if the flight is at night. Not all airlines will have blankets, especially with COVID happening, the chances could be very unlikely. While it’s best to ask the airline beforehand, it’s better to just go ahead and pack warm clothing for you and your children. There is also the option of buying a travel blanket as well for the family. Many people begin feeling sick during their travels due to feeling cold during transit.

Wipe down the areas you and your family will be touching

This is especially prevalent for air travel. While many airlines are still sterilizing their seats, armrests, and trays before the passengers arrive during this time of COVID, it’s not entirely guaranteed if all airlines are doing this anymore. It honestly just depends on the airline itself. To avoid this stress and the worries of whether or not your and your children’s seating is going to be sterilized or not, it’s better to just go ahead and have some sanitation wipes on hand.

These germ removal wet wipes can be easy to get through security as it is solid, but they are usually sold at shops in the airport as well after security. But whatever you decide on where to buy them, just be sure to get them. There are so many germs on the armrests and table trays, so it’s a must that these get a good wipe down.

Bring some pain reliever medication

During any trip, you should either pack these in advance or have an understanding of how easily obtainable these can be depending on where you’re traveling to. Pain reliever medications are one of the best ways to prevent any mishaps during travel such as a headache, stomach ache, or anything else. You’ll also want to check for one that doubles as a fever reducer such as Naproxen or some other NSAID. It’s best to have these on hand, but if you’re traveling internationally, then it may be best to just wait until you’ve landed and arrived at your destination.

During the trip

During the trip itself, it’s best to still stay cautious. While most germs are transmitted through traveling to the destination itself, that doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t be getting sick during the time at the destination. Whether anyone in your family is feeling under the weather or not, it’s still best to be aware of your surroundings, don’t get too close to people, continue getting fruits and vegetables, and be sure to have a good night’s sleep. Some areas have a mask mandate, and the mask mandate itself can help in reducing the spread of germs. So this will help a lot as well.