A road trip is a great way to get away with your friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for one day or two weeks, the experience will be an unforgettable memory. The following are some ideas on how to make your next group outing genuinely memorable and affordable:

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

1 Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire

One of the most expensive things about a road trip is gas. You can ensure that your vehicle gets more miles to the gallon on an affordable road trip with some planning and research. For example, if you are driving from New York City or Boston to Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire alone, there’s no need for four cars with each passenger – just one driver will be able to take three friends with them at little cost! A few hours into the drive and it’ll feel like everyone has known each other their whole lives. Another thing: if someone wants something different than what you’re having for lunch, don’t worry. There will likely be multiple stops along the way so everyone can get exactly what they want without spending too much money. The world is your oyster, and it should be an affordable one.

2 U.S. Route 1 in Florida

Another scenic and affordable road trip is the U.S. Route one in Florida. There are multiple stops at national parks, state parks, or historical sites that will bring you closer to the history of America as a nation, as well as some great photo ops for Instagram! If it rains on your way there (which shouldn’t be an issue), no need to worry about bringing extra clothes – change into dry ones when you’re able to stop again. You should also consider consulting a reliable car accident lawyer to know how to react when an accident happens. The car should have enough room for storing things, so everyone has their personal space without having too many suitcases taking up all the room in the trunk. You’ll find yourself feeling like you’ve known each other forever after only a few days of travel together! And if someone wants different food, don’t sweat it. There are so many places for everyone to stop and get precisely what they want!

3 Hana Highway in Hawaii

Hana Highway in Hawaii is one of the most scenic drives – and it’s also very affordable! The car will have plenty of room for everyone to bring their belongings as well as snacks, drinks, and maybe even some karaoke equipment (if you’re into that). There are so many stops along the way with different things to see or do. You can stop at a national park or historic site if someone wants something educational on your trip. If not, there are plenty of waterfalls and beaches jutting out from cliffs where everyone can take a dip if they wish to snorkel too! Again, no need to worry about changing clothes because you’ll be able to change before arriving wherever you end up staying overnight.

An affordable road trip is a great way to get away with your friends. There are multiple options for scenic routes that are not only beautiful but will save you money on gas! Also, with some planning and research, it’s easy to ensure everyone has their own space in the car without having too many suitcases taking up all the room in the trunk.