Capturing family memories is so important and on special occasions like Christmas or birthdays when the whole family gets together, it’s always nice to take a big group photo. People often pay for a professional photographer to take big photos but these days, there’s no need. We’ve all got professional-quality photos on our phones, so why not just take the group photos yourself instead?

Source – Pixabay CCO License

However, there is a reason that professionals get paid for what they do. Taking big group photos is harder than you think and they can easily go wrong. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own, you just need to follow these tips to make sure it comes out perfectly. 

Get To Know The Camera Settings On Your Phone

The first thing you need to do is get to know the camera on your phone. If you haven’t explored the different options on your camera before, it’s a good idea to at least check out all the settings and play around with them a bit. Most phones have a guide for this which you can find in the manual or online, or there may even be a tutorial built into the camera app itself.

The different settings allow you to play with exposure, ISO, and shutter speed so that you can get a feel for how they work. The more experience you have with your phone’s camera, the better photos you’ll be able to take when it comes to taking big group photos. In the manual, there will usually be a few sections dedicated to nighttime photography and what effects each setting has on your picture, so check them out. In particular, you should check out the apple pro raw setting if you have an iPhone. This allows you to take a photo that is not automatically processed, so you get all of the raw photo data. It has a lot more color detail, so the quality of the final image will be much better.

When you get to know the settings on your phone, you have a lot more flexibility when taking photos.

Take The Photo In Good Lighting

It’s important that you take your photos in good light, and natural light is usually the best. This means avoiding taking photos at night, as the lighting just won’t work.

People don’t always plan for this but things like clouds can also affect how much light is available during the day. If there are too many clouds or not enough sun, you’ll have a lot less to work with than normal so try to avoid those times as well. So, make sure to check the weather and plan your photo at the right time. Mid-afternoon on a mild day works perfectly.

Use A Tripod And Remote Shutter

To get the whole family in focus, you need to use a tripod and remote shutter so that the camera stays still while you take multiple shots. If you are pressing the timer on the camera and then running back into position before the photo is taken, you’ll end up with blurry, unprofessional-looking shots. Having a remote means that you can get everybody in the perfect position and take the photo when you’re ready.

Wear Simple Colors

Lots of bold patterns and bright colors can make things difficult. It’s best to wear simple colors like black, white and grey as they don’t distract from the photo and let you focus on capturing the moment. Often, very bright colors next to dark colors will confuse the automatic focusing and adjustment settings on the phone camera, which affects the overall image. The final picture will come out much clearer if everybody is wearing similar colors and there are no complicated patterns. Make sure you let everybody know beforehand so they wear something suitable.

Take Plenty Of Photos

If you are taking a photo of your family, make sure to take plenty of photos. It’s good to take as many as possible as there is always one shot that comes out better than all the rest. The more you try, the higher chance you’ll end up with a clear picture that captures all of your family members perfectly. You can store and edit the photos on Google Photos and then send them out so everybody has a copy. But if you just take one or two, you might realize later on that certain family members are blurred or have their eyes closed, and then it’s too late to do it again. 

Follow these tips and you can take some amazing group photos of the whole family!