Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

When it comes to booking your next holiday, there are always a few things that pop into your mind first – Do you want to book a city break? Are you looking for a beach holiday? Or maybe you want to try something different and go on a cruise holiday? One which may not spring to mind instantly is a road trip. 

Road trips are great fun and come with a lot of benefits. Not only will you get to see multiple destinations within your trip away, but you could do a beach break and a city break all in one. When driving, you may also find a place that you have never thought of visiting before or is simply not possible to get to by public transport or by foot. Below are fours reasons why you should do a road trip. 

See multiple destinations in one trip 

There is so much fun in being able to visit more than one destination on your break away. One day you could be visiting Las Vegas, before venturing out to Zion National Park or San Francisco if you’ve got time. The world is your oyster, before setting off decide on where you would like to visit and how long you would like to go. The length of time will decide on how far you can venture out before you need to return home. Make sure you have the correct documentation and that you are covered with all the right insurances. If you have an accident, you can always hire a las vegas law firm to help. 

Discover New Places 

 A major benefit to a road trip is discovering a new place that you may have never thought of visiting. This could come at any point of your journey, you could simply be driving along the road to see a restaurant you suddenly want to try or an area that you have never heard of. There could be places that you could only visit on a road trip as you have your own car, and the place may not be possible to get to on public transport or by walking. These discoveries can unexpectedly become the highlight of your trip away and create great memories for you. 

Save Money 

You may be surprised to hear it, but road trips are very affordable and can actually be cheaper than booking a package holiday. When on a road trip you can split the costs between you and your partner or between friends if they are travelling with you. The cost of fuel tends to be much cheaper than flying and you can be flexible when finding accommodation. The same goes for when finding places to eat, you don’t have to eat in a well known location, you can simply carry on your drive until you find something more affordable. 

You Can Change Your Mind 

When you arrive in an area you thought was nice but it turns out it’s not, you can simply leave. When on a road trip you can change your mind at any point, there is no waiting for the next train or plane. If you have a rough itinerary, you could simply drive to the next spot on it and then create new plans. With so much flexibility, you can keep travelling to new places until you discover one you want to stay at.