Whether you are looking for something a little different and perhaps even more unique Christmas gift for your children this holiday season, or else want to show them just how much you love, care and cherish them even more this year after the hardships that the pandemic inflicted, you have certainly come to the right place.

Here, for your reading pleasure, are some fantastic ideas for the perfect sentimental gift for your beloved children this Christmas time. 

An Inscribed Money Box

Although, upon first thought, a (nearly) empty money box as a present for your child this Christmas time may seem slightly crass, in actual fact, it can be a beautifully sentimental and future-thinking gift for your son or daughter.

Encouraging your children to save for future adventures together with you and the rest of the family is the kind of gift this Christmas that is truly priceless. Additionally, such a gift is sure not to break the bank! (Unless it’s one of those money boxes that you have to smash to access).

An Item Of Jewellery

Another beautiful and admittedly slightly more expensive gift for your child this Christmas is a piece of jewellery, especially when sourced from the renowned and respected family jeweller chapter79.co.uk and is something your child will cherish for the entirety of their life. 

A Christmas Story Book

There are a multitude of brilliant benefits to giving your child a beautifully illustrated Christmas story book this holiday season. Whether or not your child has a passion for reading, they will adore the ornate style of writing and imagery and will encourage their imagination even further over the Christmas period. 

Benefits of giving your children books as a birthday or Christmas present include the aforementioned encouragement of creativity and imagination, the building of an appreciation for the written word, building vocabulary and phrasing knowledge, and the encouragement and provocation of curiosity and learning. 

Plant A Tree Together With Your Child

Nature is something that, despite the plethora of natural and manmade disasters and devastating events, continues to endure, and the planting of a seedling tree this Christmas time is one of the most amazing gifts you could possibly give. 

Together, you and your children can water and nurture the young tree and see it grow to be strong and wise, just like you hope your children will become too.

A Musical Instrument

The gift of a brand new (to them, at least) musical instrument is one that will encourage your child to become musically creative and will actively spark their imagination and feelings of positivity. 

There are a multitude of advantages to music for children, which include:

  • Learning a musical instrument encourages children to practice and ‘stick at it.’
  • Playing a musical instrument helps with brain growth.
  • Reading music significantly helps with math skills.
  • Reading music helps learn languages.
  • Music playing improves attention span and concentration levels.