Many nonprofit organizations shy away from hiring a nonprofit PR agency because they feel that the expense will be very high. Working with a successfully experienced non profit PR agency, like The Blake Agency (headquartered in Georgia while serving nonprofits nation-wide), is a great investment and is less expensive than what is imagined. When you use a successfully experienced nonprofit PR agency (The Blake Agency has 5-star ratings on their Google My Business page and has a wealth of case studies, references and proof of their effectiveness in delivering impactful Public relations for nonprofits), what you pay for will pay for itself in short time as you build awareness about your nonprofit organization to your targeted demographic and audiences; rapidly growing your support base with volunteers & donors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                .  

A Benefit of Nonprofit PR, Social Proof 

Getting great public relations for your nonprofit will not only bring awareness to your organization (which increases supporters especially those who donate their time & money to the cause), but it also provides social proof. Social proof is very important for a nonprofit organization because people can see that you’re mentioned in the media and that adds credibility to a nonprofit, especially when those media outlets are sharing great things about them. Social proof can be critical as it will help make people decide whether to trust your nonprofit to donate their time (volunteers) and money (donations). 

Nonprofit PR & Sharing Stories 

Part of an effective nonprofit PR campaign is telling the story of the organization. Telling the story of the nonprofit through various media outlets allows them to connect authentically with their targeted audience and demographic. If possible, think about the last time you donated to a nonprofit? It was likely because you enjoyed and believed the story behind that organization. You felt that you related to the nonprofit and you wanted to support their cause compared to others. That is the power of using PR for social proof, sharing stories of the nonprofit resonating with current & prospective supporters.  

Small Budgets can get Big Impact with Effective Nonprofit PR 

Nonprofit public relations is a form of earned media, which is defined as publicity garnered through promotional efforts that does not include paid advertising (such as Google Ads or any cost-per-click advertising platform). Essentially, earned media is getting someone else to talk about your nonprofit organization in a great way. 

That said, paying for nonprofit PR to get others to talk about how great your nonprofit is and the lives it touches, can have a big impact in support for your organization. Working with a small budget and a successfully experienced non profit PR agency like The Blake Agency; they will help you refine & target your goals along with how & who you want to communicate messages & stories to. This gives the Public Relations agency a clear direction of how to efficiently help, while effectively using their time & your budget to pitch to the right media channels (Journalists, bloggers, journalists & etc) for the greatest impact! 

Get the Benefits of Effective Public Relations for Nonprofits 

By investing in nonprofit PR, even on a small budget, a nonprofit organization can increase awareness, social proof, credibility and donors among targeted audiences they want to reach and continue to help those aligned with their mission goals. 

If you are a nonprofit looking to invest in Public Relations, reach out to The Blake Agency and see how their nonprofit PR solutions can benefit your organization. 

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