It can be hard to know where to start with investing, especially when you don’t have a huge start-up fund. Luckily, there are more opportunities than you’d think available for those with a smaller amount of capital to start investing. We’ve hand-picked the four best ways to invest with a small amount of money in 2022.

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Consider Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites

Real estate crowdfunding sites are platforms that allow an individual with a small amount of money to invest in a real estate portfolio. An investor will put in their investment, and it will be pooled with the funds of other investors and used to buy commercial property. There are a few sites available, so reading reviews of these apps are really helpful to see what the best one for you is. DiversyFund reviews suggest that DiversyFund is a good example of a real estate crowdfunding site, allowing individuals with $500 to invest to gain a stake in a real estate portfolio.

Invest Little And Often

If you can’t afford to sink a large upfront sum into your investment portfolio, try to invest a little and often. Set up an investment account and put in the minimum you can each month. Some accounts allow you to open an investment account with as little as $50. Investment is about taking risk, so even if you do have a large amount upfront, investing small amounts over time might minimize the risk you take. When you do open an account, read the terms and conditions to see what the minimum input each month is.

Remember That A Retirement Fund Is An Investment

Do you have an employee pension? Then you’re already on your way to investing. Enrolling into your company 401k is a long term investment in your future. If you are self-employed, set up a retirement fund. At a younger age, you can take more risk with your retirement fund, so look at the portfolios available and what level of risk they incur. 

Use A Robo Financial Advisor

AI has evolved significantly, and robo financial advisors are cheaper than a human financial advisor. A robo financial advisor is an online bot that will review the stock market using analytics and make decisions on your portfolio. They take the form of an investment app, or platform, where you decide how much you want to invest and what sort of portfolio. Then the app’s technology will take your investment forward. Behind the app there is usually a customer services team and you can usually track your investment easily on each app.


While you might feel like you’re under pressure to invest, remember that if you are putting money into a retirement fund, you’ve already started. There are also crowdfunding apps or robo-advisory services that help those with smaller start-up capital own shares in real-estate portfolios. If you invest a little and spread it over time, you mitigate the risk of a large up-front investment. Investment as a whole is risky, but if properly managed, you will reap the rewards into 2022 and beyond.