As a kid, I would see commercials for Monster Truck Jams. Years later, I get to experience it with my own kids. We went with our two kids aged (11, 8)

Things you need to know before going

  • It gets noisy. We brought some headphones from Amazon to combat just how loud the trucks can get. It’s cheaper if you buy them before you get there but they do sell them at the stadium. They sell for about $20 per pair at the arena.
  • It gets chilly. As this was our first time we noticed it gets pretty cold because they want to clear out the smoke from the cars so layer up.
  • Show limitations. I noticed that your experience will be determined by how big the arena is. On the commercials you see so many trucks doing back flips and different tricks but because the arena was small they couldn’t really do many tricks one driver even told us not to expect any backflips
  • Dusty. There will be dust so its actually great that we have to wear masks. You are required to be vaccinated and wear masks.

What we loved about the show

  • You get to be the judge. During the show you get the opportunity to be the judge of the competitions. There are 4 competitions Race, Nose Wheel, Donut Competition and Freestyle. Our favorite one was freestyle.
  • Great halftime show. For the halftime show they make it fun and engaging by having a motor cross show where you can also be the judge.
  • Diverse drivers. There were a variety of drivers from different backgrounds and genders they even had a female driver which was pretty cool.

and lastly, there was plenty of opportunity to make noise. I definitely recommend you going to see the show its worth it!