Almost everyone struggles with some kind of addiction in society today. Whether that addication is sex, gambling, shopping or drugs, the addiction is there and it’s very real. The addiction is used as a method of escape, a method of self soothing and a way to avoid any problems one may be experiencing. It’s a misguided way of doing things, and yet they all have the ability to render the person temporarily misplaced so they feel they are in control.

The problem with addiction is that it creates a state of mind that alters cognitive thinking. Those who overeat tend to associate food with bad memories. Those who gamble are desperate for a life that’s different. There’s no sense of finances because money doesn’t matter in those moments. The world goes into self-destruct mode, and learning to cope is the first step on the road to recovery. So, with this in mind, here are some of the steps that you need to take to recover as wholly as possible.

Image source: Pexels

  1. Find a support group. A group of people is what you need to help carry you as you go through the process of recovery. You’ll need help tio learn how to function again, from learning how to manage your steps to money management for recovering addicts. There are different groups to choose from for support and there are people out there who are dealing with the same type of issues as you.
  2. Explore the root get through the addiction, it can often be better to explore the root of the issue. Speaking to a therapist can be the best place to begin. They can walk you through trauma that you’ve experienced in your life and ensure that you are in a better place and able to cope with it once again. 
  3. Know your triggers. Addicts often fall victim to their addiction because of the triggers. Alcoholics in bars? That’s a trigger. Shopping addicts with a credit card? That’s a trigger. Knowing your triggers is important if you hope to overcome them and not let them win. 
  4. What does it mean? One of the hardest things to do as an addict is to find out the purpose the addiction is serving. If you know that your relationship with your addiction is easier than your relationship with the people you no longer have, then it’s important to examine those underlying issues.
  5. Start writing. Often, a big step on the road to addiction recovery is journaling your thinking. It’s a tool that helps you to identify and manage your emotions, and it’ll help you to get through the stressful issues you may be having. You can journal daily, even a few words at a time, and you can build a whole picture of yourself that you might be afraid to reveal to the world.

The first step is the hardest to take. Once you take that step, however, you can recover from addiction in a way that makes you feel whole.