A tired looking man holding dumbbells in his left hand, with his right hand to his forehead – Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Let’s face it, working out is hard. You need great discipline, focus, and determination. Ultimately, your new year resolution to get in shape will be hampered with some specific mistakes.

Fad Diets

We all know if a diet sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, many fad diets aren’t thoroughly researched and only offer short-term, unhealthy results. However, there are excellent diets that can help, depending on your dietary requirement. And believe it or not, a high-fat diet can be healthy when managed. The keto diet is a great example that offers weight control, cholesterol management, and blood sugar regulation. In addition, a tasty keto smoothie is a great way to offset the often bland foods of a keto diet. And the quick intake is excellent for diabetes.

Trying Too Hard

With a massive amount of enthusiasm, you can get off to a roaring start when exercising. And while it’s an admirable thing to become enthused by something, you can overdo it. Overexertion will cause damage to your muscles and burn out your energy. You need to give your muscles and heart a chance to adapt to increased physical activity. So, to begin with, start with small weights and light exercise such as jogging. Additionally, suppose you do too much too early on. In that case, you might have a negative experience getting in shape and choose not to continue. 

Not Seeing Your Doctor

Your GP will be thrilled at the news you want to begin an exercise routine. But they will also appreciate the chance to give you the once-over before you start. While you’re probably fine, there could be physical reasons why you should reconsider. For instance, a physical exam might find an underlying cardiovascular problem. Still, your doctor can then advise you on what exercises you can and can’t safely do. Additionally, you will need advice for switching to a new diet and beginning a strong vitamin and mineral supplements course.

Neglecting Your Stretches

Before putting your muscles to work, you need to warm them up to become more flexible. For example, suppose you are older, inactive, or have never exercised. In that case, this is really important because your muscles become less elastic as you age. You can warm up your muscles before exercising with ten minutes of easy and simple movements such as walking on the spot, moving your arms, and rotating your waist. Doing these simple stretches loosens up your muscles, increases oxygen, and gets your joints ready for more actions.

Going it Alone

Beginning a new healthy lifestyle is a great thing you owe yourself after a life of doing nothing. But it isn’t easy. And without support, only the most determined people tend to stick it out ’til the end. Fortunately, exercise and healthy living is a trendy and growing subject these days. And it isn’t hard to find like-minded people. You can get friends and family involved and even go to the gym for encouragement and help with new routines. If you are overweight and trying to lose a significant amount of weight, emotional support, and an understanding family is paramount.


Getting fit and healthy is the most common new year resolution, but most don’t stick to it. Some things you need to stay active include support, proper diets, and knowing your limits.