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During the times of a global health crisis, our medical needs and the attention paid to our health are number one on everyone’s list. This is why it’s a serious matter when a medical professional makes a mistake. With hospitals being overcrowded, a lot of doctors are overworked, rushed, and need to make split-second decisions that could seriously affect your life. Here is what to do if your doctor makes a mistake. 

Report Them To the Medical Board

First and foremost, document and report the incident immediately. If you received the wrong treatment by your doctor, that is reason enough to alert the board. The board may have on record past medical transgressions made by this particular doctor and your incident may be the one that sounds the alarm that this physician and their medical practices need to be reviewed. 

Consult An Attorney

The next step is to consult a medical malpractice lawyer. Attorneys in this field know exactly what steps to take and they know to take them immediately. A medical malpractice attorney can tell you what your rights are and how to take the initial steps in documenting your case, organizing your thoughts, and presenting your case to the proper authorities. 

See Another Physician

In order to get a proper diagnosis on your condition and to find out exactly what went wrong with your previous doctor, consult with another, recommended, and trustworthy doctor. They can go over your charts with you in detail and show you exactly what went wrong. A second opinion can also alert you to the fact that your doctor may have made an honest mistake. 

The true definition of medical malpractice is an error made due to negligence. If negligence is not found in the procedure performed by your previous physician, you may not have a case, and instead you may have simply become a victim of circumstance and human error. 


If you have been the victim of medical malpractice then you are going to need your strength. Do not discount the fact that you just had a surgery or procedure and you need to heal and get better so you can get back to your life. Court cases can take years to fully go through the justice system, and in the meantime, you are going to have to get back to work and take care of yourself and your family. 

Document Everything

As you continue on your road to eventual recovery, ensure that everything you are doing to get better is fully documented. As you recuperate, a lot of hurdles may be due to the malpractice that you suffered. Having that on paper will help your case as it proceeds through the court system. The more details you can provide the better. This will help you during your recovery process and it will help determine how much compensation you are due. 

Although it may seem scary, being the victim of a medical mistake can seriously affect your life. Vet your doctor before surgery.