Whatever your legal issue is, finding the right solicitor is crucial to resolving that issue. But how do you go about finding a solicitor that is right for you?

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It’s a very fair question. After all, there are over thousands of attorneys working around the country. These tips might help you find the legal representation that is right for you.

Recommendations from friends and family are not the final word

Recommendations from people you know and trust are always handy when looking for legal representatives. A lot of law firms find new clients because of recommendations from satisfied former clients.

However, you should make sure that any firms recommended to you have expertise in the field of law which you need, whether that’s divorce or personal injury. If they do not, then you should not follow the recommendation. After all, if your parents recommend a firm of solicitors because they did a good job of selling their house, it does not make them the best firm to handle your custody agreement, for example. These two legal disciplines are very different. It is highly unlikely that your parent’s conveyancing solicitor will have the necessary expertise to help you through a complicated custody battle. 

A bigger firm does not always mean a better firm

Just because a firm has a lot of solicitors working for them, and a very large advertising budget, does not automatically make them the right firm for you.

A larger firm may not be able to give you the levels of care and personal attention that you are entitled to expect. With a larger firm, it is not uncommon for clients to end up feeling that they are just one client amongst the thousands on the big firm’s books.

With many smaller firms, every client should receive the same high standard of professionalism, care, and attention. This can be very useful during a stressful legal case. Look for legal representation where this commitment to making every client feel valued stays true regardless of their claim’s value, whether it is potentially worth a million pounds in compensation or a much more modest sum.

You don’t always have to choose a firm that is local to you, or to your place of business

It used to be the case that if you had a legal problem that required a firm of solicitors, many people would have chosen a firm that was based close to them. This makes sense, as it used to be that your only means of communicating with your lawyer would have been by writing and receiving letters, telephoning them from a landline, or actually making an appointment to go into the office. Choosing a local solicitor would have been a wise choice in most cases (although, even in those times, it was still very important to make sure they had the necessary expertise to deal with your legal problem). Now, with all the means of communication at our disposal nowadays, the local factor is far less important. Email, social media, Skype, Facetime, mobile phones, all provide ways to keep in contact with your solicitor, 24/7.