When you think about a hurricane or severe storm potentially reaching your home, it can fill you with dread and fear. This isn’t a subject you want to think about, however it is very important to be as prepared as possible. Preventing hurricane damage to your home will not only give you peace of mind during certain seasons of the year, but it will also help to protect the family members you live with every single day. You always want to make sure your home is well-prepared for anything that may happen, so consider some of the five simple ways to prevent severe weather from damaging your home.

  1. Prepare Your Windows and Doors

Locking down your windows and doors whilst preparing for a hurricane is always a good idea. This will not only help to keep you safe, but it will also ensure that they don’t shatter under the impact. If hurricanes regularly affect your area then you may want to consider a hurricane window, which is an innovative storm protection method. If your home has previously experienced extreme damage from hurricanes, this is a good idea to consider for the future.

  1.  Ensure You Have Flood Guards in Place

During a hurricane, there is a huge risk of flooding that you may want to mitigate as much as possible. The risk of flood damage increases dramatically during hurricane season, which is why you should use sandbags as an effective barrier against potential floodwaters. Moving your car to a higher ground before the water begins to ride is also a good idea, as well as making sure all of your electrical items are unplugged.

  1.  Secure Your Items

It is likely that there are numerous objects and items surrounding your home, which can quickly become airborne as the hurricane’s wind levels rise. This can damage your property and be potentially fatal to people in your community. Tying down loose objects such as garden furniture or benches may prevent this from occurring during a hurricane. 

  1.  Think Ahead With Regards to Power Outages

When power outages occur during severe storms or hurricanes, it is very easy to forget simple safety steps to prevent any further damage from occurring. A lightning strike on a nearby electrical pole can do some serious damage to the electrical appliances in your home. Surge protectors are an effective way to prevent voltage spikes if you do not have time to unplug all of the electrical items in your home.

  1.  Write a Checklist of Your Belongings

Taking inventory of your home items can make the process of claiming on your insurance much easier. There are also a variety of apps that many insurers provide so that you can keep a checklist of everything you own, just in case of future damage. 

If you live in an area where a hurricane is likely to strike your home, it has never been more important to think ahead and be prepared. Taking these precautions now will not only ease your mind when you rest your head at night, but it will also help to protect your home in the long run. Making a few small and simple changes now and informing your cells of all the potential risks and dangers, will help to keep your home damage-free during hurricane season.

Image from Pexels – CC0 Licence