What is your dream job?

Perhaps you want to be an international movie star and travel the world attending red carpet events. Or do you want a more low key life owning your own little cafe by the sea. Maybe you want to do some good for the world by setting up an animal rescue charity or working as an elder care consultant. There are thousands and thousands of possibilities open to you – you just need to decide what it is you want.

If you have a dream job in mind, you may be thinking it’s an impossible goal. But this mindset is the only thing setting you back. There is no reason you can’t achieve your dreams as long as you have a goal in mind and the willpower to succeed.

But it may just be that you don’t know how to get there. After all, how can you become an astronaut if you’re just a poor student who’s never left the country, let alone the planet.

It’s important to dream big and be confident if you want to make the most of your life. To help you land your dream job and find meaning doing what you love, here are four tips to get you started.

Make a plan

If you don’t make a plan, your dream will stay a dream forever. Setting yourself a goal and a strategy for how to reach it will make you accountable, and give you that push you need to take action. Visualize your ultimate goal, whether it’s playing football in the World Cup or owning your own business and work backwards. What do you need to achieve to get there, and when? Make a list of everything you need to do and get started as soon as possible.

Educate yourself

Depending on the particular career you have chosen, it’s likely you are going to need some qualifications, or least some training, in order to begin. If you are still at school, this may simply be a case of choosing a relevant university degree. But if you are older and already in full time employment, it can be a little more tricky. You may have to end up doing an online degree or fitting in night classes around your existing job. Furthermore, one of the best ways to learn anything is to find an experienced mentor who can guide you into the profession.

Live the life

If you are truly committed to your chosen career path, it should become your life. Let’s say you want to be a marine biologist. As well as gaining the relevant academic qualifications, you should read every book you can on the subject, watch documentaries, and attend public lectures by leaders in your field. Visit museums and exhibitions,and even stick posters of whales and seahorses up on your bedroom wall so you’re constantly reminded of your goals.

Gain experience

It may be tricky to land a fulltime job at the bottom of the career ladder, it may be necessary to gain some experience first. Get in touch with several companies you want to work for and ask if they are looking for volunteers or interns to help them out. This way you can get some valuable hands-on experience while also making important contacts in the industry.