I wasn’t always health conscious. When I was younger, the last thing on my mind was my health.I would eat fast foods all the time. It wasn’t until I noticed a decline in my health that I began to take notice. In my own family we have a history of diabetes and high blood pressure and I did know I didn’t want those conditions as I got older. I have some great products to start with.

The company Ameo Life is a great company because their mission is to produce amazing natural products to promote care for the body using only the cleanest ingredients free of chemicals, toxins or any harmful substance.

I was sent 4 products Silver Gel, ph balanced alkaline silver solution, silver soap and the daily multivitamin.
  1. All natural lavender silver soap– infused with 30 ppm silver, essential oils, naturally cleanse the skin, toxin and paraben free.
  2. Alkaline Silver Solution-supports a healthy digestive system, immune system support, naturally cleanse the gut, safe and effective.
  3. Daily Vitamin– Increases energy and stamina, boosts nutrient levels
  4. Silver Gel– Naturally support the skin, 35 pp silver, ph balanced

My experience

My most used products are well….all of the them! I put the Silver solution in my water to boost my immune system, I take the multivitamins daily, I cleanse my body with the soap (I love the lavender scent) and I use the Silver gel on my face.

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