If you don’t really go all out for things like makeup, or you don’t have a heavy skincare routine, you can feel left out of the beauty conversation. It can feel like the beauty world changes every single day, and sometimes it can be hard to feel comfortable with the way you naturally look in the mirror. 

But when you can identify and accentuate the things you like about yourself, it’s much easier to feel beautiful whenever you look in the mirror! After all, there are many little ways you can allow your natural beauty to shine through. We all have it, we just have to believe in it! And with that in mind, here are some small but effective ways to let your natural beauty take center stage. 

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Go No Makeup

If you really want to see your natural beauty more often, this is a necessary step. Put down the mascara and the lip pencils and the under eye concealer and just let yourself go with a natural face. It’s not bad, and it doesn’t need any ‘perfecting’ – it’s just your face! And the more you just let yourself be, the better you’ll think about your own natural beauty. 

It might take a bit of courage, and you might have to do it step by step, but you’ll soon be able to face the world without a stitch of makeup on you. So on day one forget about the eye shadow, and then the eyeliner on day two, and then no blush day three, and so on. 

Wear What You Want

No matter if it’s your usual style, or what other people would think of, if you like the outfit, wear it! If it’s a corset and with a puffy skirt, wear it. If it’s a flannel shirt with a crop top and shorts, wear it. If it’s a comfortable sweater and some dress pants, wear it. As long as you like it, and you feel comfortable in it, get out there and show the world your own unique fashion. 

After all, it’s a part of your natural beauty. And when you’re wearing exactly what you want to wear, your natural confidence will shine through as well. Half of the battle is deciding you don’t care what others think, so take this moment to really revel in that. This is your life, and you get to decide the look! 

Try Out a New Hairstyle

We use hair to frame the face, and sometimes all we need to do is try out a new style, length, cut, or color to make sure our natural beauty is highlighted. So if you’ve not been to the hairdresser for a while, why not book an appointment right now? Even just getting a trim can make all the difference in how weighty and voluminous our locks look! 

Similarly, changing your hair color is one of the best ways to make your natural features stand out. After all, if you’ve always been a blonde and you suddenly rock up with pink or red hair, people are going to notice you a lot more! Not to mention that some colors complement some skin tones and eye colors much better than others. For example, there are many hair color ideas that make grey eyes pop, and dying your roots or ends could be a great way to give your eyes much more dimension. 

Let Your Skin Glow

Finally, while you might be going without makeup for a while, you can still apply some exfoliator and moisturizer to let your skin really glow. If you commit to a small step skin care routine, your face can both look and feel smooth, and that’s a good way to show off your natural face from now on. 

This is especially a good idea during the extreme seasons like summer and winter, when the heat makes you sweat and the cold air dries out your skin. Apply a barrier against the outside world and your skin will thrive like never before – just make sure you’re drinking plenty to keep it hydrated as well! 

We’ve all got our own natural beauty, and sometimes we need to let it out! So try to limit your use of makeup, try out a new hair color or style, look into your skin care routine, and then dress up exactly the way you want to. It’ll all go a long way to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin.