Looking to sell the home this year? With the property market changing over the years, it’s important to find the right time to sell a home for the best price possible. For some, the timing might coincide with a need to scale up to a bigger property with a growing family or to downsize for retirement.

Whatever the reason for selling, here are some useful tips to effectively sell a home for a profit this year.

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Fix anything that needs fixing

First off, all those DIY jobs that went unfinished now is the time to get them finished. This also includes anything that’s currently hanging off a wall or is in desperate need of repair.

No prospective buyer will want to view a home that looks and feels incomplete. Therefore, it’s important to make any necessary fixes possible not just for their benefit but to also add more value to the home. Ideally, you should get everything fixed and repaired before bringing out real estate companies to value and market the home.

Give the home a fresh lick of paint

All homes over time will have to deal with a bit of wear and tear. Property can often look tired when the pain has chipped or become scuffed. Giving the home a fresh lick of paint could be just what the home needs to make it feel fresh and new.

Before selling the home, give any rooms in the home, a little makeover with a fresh coat of paint. It can make all the difference to the look and feel of a property.

Stage the home in the right manner

Staging is an important one because it can help set the right impression for any prospective buyers. For example, those potential buyers who are looking for a family home may want to see rooms where they can see themselves raising children in. 

Set any rooms back to their original purpose and where necessary, stage any to appeal to a certain buyer type.

Choose carefully who lists the home

Being wise about who sells the home is essential to getting the best deal possible. Listing your home with the right agency is therefore key. Look at what real estate there is in the local area and who has a reputation for selling homes like the one you have.

There are some occasions where one realtor might fail at getting anyone through the door. If that happens, don’t get despondent. Look for a new realtor and try again.

Don’t feel pressured to accept the first offer

It can be pressuring to accept the first offer that comes in but that’s not always the best approach. When it comes to negotiating and getting the best deal, it’s worth keeping options open and waiting to see what else is presented.

Selling the home is something that needs to be taken carefully and with consideration. Only sell if the market is right for the property at the time and if not, try to hold off selling until it is.