Anyone with a faith of any kind may find that they struggle to keep it from time to time. This is a very normal experience to have, and it doesn’t mean that you should worry about your faith in the long run. It may well prove to just be a short-term thing. In any case, there are many steps you can take if you want to try and keep your faith, and it’s always going to be possible to do so.

In this post, we are going to discuss just some of the best ways to keep your faith during tough times. As long as you bear the following in mind, you should find that you are able to do that so much more easily, and that you are therefore a lot more confident in your faith generally.

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Keep Practicing

The main thing is to make sure that you are still practicing your faith practices, whatever they may be. If you generally pray, then make sure to keep on praying. If it’s more like meditation, then keep doing that. As long as you just stick to the basic practices, you should find that you are much more likely to keep your faith, as it does tend to work both ways in this regard.

Of course, you may be struggling to see the reason to do so. But usually, if you just start doing it again, you will soon find the faith returning, so that is a really useful thing you can bear in mind when you are struggling in this manner. It’s amazing how much this can really help you out during difficult times.

Consult Your Fellow Believers

Sometimes all you need to do is to spend a little more time in the company of your fellow believers. Being around other people who have faith means that you are more likely to remember why it’s so important to you and why you have had it in your life up to this point, and that’s a great part of trying to keep your faith in tact. All in all, you’ll find that your friends and family are going to be really important in all of this, especially when times are particularly tough.

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So, if necessary, think about whether you might be able to spend a little more time with the people in your congregation or sangha, whether they are at home or even online or in the community more broadly. This can often help more than you might think.

Turn To Art

Many people before you have used art to express their faith, but also as a means of keeping in better touch with it. So this is something that you might want to do if you are keen on trying to keep your faith at difficult times. This is arguably one of the main causes of much of the art around the world, so it’s certainly something that is worth thinking about doing if you have not done so already.

That can come in the form of either consuming art or making it, or of course both. You might simply find that watching movies where heaven is real is enough to keep your faith alive. Or you might want to start drawing and painting, or singing – or whatever else you naturally feel drawn to. Often these very practices can turn out to be real invocations of God, so it’s amazing how much it can help to turn to art at the right times.

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Speak To A Leader

Another thing you can consider doing is to speak to a religious leader in your faith. There are probably always plenty of them to find if you need to, and you might find that it helps you quite a lot to speak with them. Even if you have not done so much in the past, or perhaps especially if that is the case, speaking with a leader in your religion can be a really good way to help keep your faith alive. You might be surprised at how much it helps you to do this, and they might have a lot of inspirational advice for you too, which can help a great deal on its own as well.

Those are just some of the things that you can consider doing in order to keep your faith alive during tough times. You might find that this really helps you a lot, and that you can turn to these things in the future if necessary as well.