When you are getting your business off the ground or in the middle of a growth period, it doesn’t take much to find yourself running low on energy and feeling tired. Business owners have a drive, which means they will work excessive hours and are always on the go – even if the ultimate aim is to be able to relax in the long term. 

But in the meantime, here are some tips for staying healthy while your business grows.

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Mental Health

When was the last time you checked in on yourself and saw how you were doing? The long hours, lack of sleep, and hard work associated with running a business all take their toll on us mentally. 

Make time to regularly check in on how you feel – and be sure to pay close attention to feelings of tiredness or if your motivation seems to wane. 

Writing down how you’re feeling or what is troubling you can considerably lighten the load. 


If you work alone, and most of your meetings are conducted on Zoom or Teams, then you might not be getting the social interaction that you need. Even those of us who are naturally introverted or don’t have a large circle of friends and family should try to find a social outlet. 

You don’t need to spend hours; sometimes, short bursts of social interaction are just enough. 


If you are not well rested or sleeping well, this can lead to many mistakes during your day. Forgetting where you have placed something, putting your car in reverse instead of drive, messing up client work – it is all possible when you aren’t well rested. 

Sleep is massively important for everyone, but especially for those who want to be productive and effective at work. 

Make sure that you get some rest every day, and work on a routine that will help you sleep too. 

Physical health

Putting off going to the doctor or seeking medical care can mean that you are carrying around an illness you don’t know about. Not resting when you have a cold or flu can mean that your body needs longer to fight it off. And if you happen to have an accident, let professionals like Bey & Associates handle the paperwork so you can focus on recovery. 

Physical health is extremely important; although we all have different ability levels, you must ensure you do what is right for you. 


Increased stress levels are common for business owners as they are doing a lot of tasks – and the financial side of the business is one of the main contributors to that. 

Stress management isn’t something we naturally know how to do; instead, we need to learn the skills and put them into practice in the way that suits us best. 


Routines can be incredibly powerful for getting a good work-life balance, but we often stray from them and add extra things. 

Time management is extremely important, but the best way to improve your time management skills is to create a routine. Building a routine isn’t something that needs to be done rigidly; a key to a great routine is adding space for relaxation and downtime. 

And on the point of the routine, self-care should be a must, and here are some tips for a great uplifting routine: How To Build A Nourishing Self-Care Routine