Working from home at least some or all of the time offers an impressive range of benefits, most strikingly a contribution to a healthier work-to-life balance. 

With this in mind, here are the top four tips for a functional yet stylish home office set-up. 

  1. Create a Statement Home Office Space

Aside from the practical necessities of your desk, computer stand, and technology set-ups, if you are truly dedicated to creating a stylish and statement home office, then it is time to invest in something impressive, stylish and large. 

A chandelier would be one of the most ostentatious yet utterly show-stopping additions to the room and will also fill the room with light, which is proven to boost your powers of focus and concentration. 

  1. Bring the Outside In

Working in a stuffy room with closed windows and the electric heater turned up to maximum and with insufficient lighting is not only detrimental to your physical health but also your emotional well-being as well. 

Instead, try to position your desk underneath, or at least somewhere near, the window, ensure you have different types of lighting and not just the ceiling light, and perhaps most importantly of all, include some indoor plants in your office space.

Not only will indoor plants make the room seem entirely more natural and aesthetically attractive, but they will also provide the following benefits:

  • A way of feeling connected to the world around you while you work 
  • A boost in both your creativity and productivity levels
  • An improvement in the air quality
  • A way of soothing your feelings of low mood and melancholy 
  1. Maximize the Space

You may well be fortunate enough to have a large space in your home office, and if so, make sure you do not go overboard and cram the room full of chests of drawers you simply do not need.

For smaller spaces, you should instead utilize the potential storage space on the walls so as to keep the floor space as clear and clutter-free as possible. 

Other helpful tips for making the most of a small space include:

  • Position your desk in the center of the room rather than pushing it against the wall
  • Open shelving on the walls creates a more open space in general
  • Hang an oversized piece of artwork on the wall opposite the window
  • Avoid cluttering the windowsill with ornaments and instead keep the space clear
  • Stick to white walls to maximize the amount of light in the room 
  1. Invest in Key Furniture Pieces 

When sitting at the desk each and every day for hours at a time, it is imperative to have a comfortable, ergonomic office chair with proper back, shoulder, and lumbar support and ensure you take regular standing breaks. 

However, every stylish and functional home office also needs a touch of glamour, so invest in a luxurious and stunning key piece of furniture, such as a couch from