There are different forms of arthritis, and chances are you may already be suffering from this painful disease. Arthritis is caused by a degeneration of our bones and joints that cause feelings of stiffness and pain. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications can be recommended by medical professionals, but there are natural ways that come without the side-effects of prescribed medicines.

Always seek medical advice before trying any natural remedy, as you don’t want to add further damage to your body. However, the following suggestions might prove helpful to your situation.

Exercise more

You may think exercise is the last thing you want to do when you are suffering pain in your bones and joints. However, it is absolutely necessary. Exercise will reduce joint pain by increasing the flexibility in your sore joints. Of course, if any part of your body is inflamed, you should cease activity immediately. Otherwise, pace yourself and take part in something you enjoy, rather than treating exercise as a chore. Swimming, yoga, and walking are great ways to help people with arthritis.

Exercise will also help you
reduce your weight. When overweight, you are compounding the pain you feel by putting extra pressure on your joints, so a healthier lifestyle will help you lose a few pounds and prevent extra damage, especially around the knees and hips.

Hot and cold therapy

There is nothing better than soaking in a nice warm bath, and thankfully, this is another way to ease the stiffness you feel in your joints. A long shower or bath first thing in the morning will set you up for the day ahead, and an electric blanket will help when you go to bed.

When your joints are particularly painful or have become inflamed, an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel will provide quick relief from the pain.

Use natural supplements

Buy from a reputable source, such as
Caruso’s osteoarthritis tablets which provide a natural way to deal with arthritis pain. It contains omega 3 and turmeric which are essential ingredients in the fight against pain.

Many herbal supplements claim to reduce pain but always seek advice from your doctor before you take them. There are also home remedies you can make yourself, such as a salt soak and turmeric and ginger tea, so do your research online and consider your options. With the onset of pain, there are many anti-inflammatory creams that anyone suffering from chronic pain may be able to try out. This can be a lot for anyone to have to live with daily, so whatever you can do to make the pain more manageable would be beneficial.

Enjoy a massage

A massage therapist should be experienced in working with people with all kinds of arthritis, but ask your doctor to give you a recommendation. Allowing somebody else to ease the pain you feel, by a gentle rubbing and kneading of muscles can help you feel relaxed, mentally and physically. Alternatively, a massage chair will also provide some relief if you don’t want that physical contact with another person.


Finally, this ancient medical treatment founded in China is another way to reduce your pain. While many of us don’t like the idea of needles, acupuncture shouldn’t hurt, other than a tingling sensation at the entry point. However, make sure you visit a certified acupuncturist when considering this option to ensure your safety.