As a family-oriented believer, you likely hold family and faith at the forefront of your life. One way you can celebrate both is by commemorating Christian holidays with loved ones – offering an opportunity to reflect upon Jesus Christ’s teachings as well as his life, death and resurrection. Here are four such festivities you should observe with family.

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Christmas is one of the most beloved Christian holidays, marking the birth of Jesus Christ and giving thanks for God’s unfailing love for humanity. Christmas Day is traditionally observed on December 25th, but some churches celebrate it on other dates, bringing family gatherings, gift-giving and festive cheer! For Christians, Christmas serves as a reminder of His great sacrifice on our behalf as He sent Jesus into this world to save humanity from sin and give eternal life; when celebrating it with your family, take time to read Luke’s account of this miraculous birth as you read along as you sing carols together singing, praying and sharing traditions together!

Good Friday

Good Friday is an annual commemoration of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. Some Christians fast on this day, while many churches host services commemorating his sacrifice and suffering. If you celebrate Good Friday with your family, read through and reflect upon Jesus’ arrest, trial, and execution in the Gospels; reflect upon how his death offers redemption and forgiveness to all believers; or attend a Good Friday service at your local church where services take place.


Easter is one of the most celebrated Christian holidays, marking Jesus Christ’s resurrection and ushering in a season of hope, joy, and new beginnings. Easter typically falls on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox in March each year and can change each year depending on its date of observance. As you celebrate with your family this Easter weekend, take time to read through Gospel accounts of his resurrection or attend an Easter service at your local church where hymns of praise can be sung while listening to sermons on its significance.


Advent, which lasts four weeks leading up to Christmas, is a time of preparation and anticipation of Christ’s coming into the world. Christians spend this period focusing on themes of hope, peace, joy, and love as they prepare their hearts for celebrating Christmas. Families can mark Advent together by lighting an Advent wreath. The wreath typically contains four candles for each week of Advent and one lit on Christmas Eve; Rainer Blanchette describes that an Advent wreath represents eternal life. For additional preparation during this season of Advent, devotionals or acts of service may also be undertaken during this season.

As a woman of faith and family, there are various important Christian holidays you should celebrate together with your loved ones. From Christmas’ joyful spirit to Good Friday’s somber reflections on Jesus’ teachings and death/resurrection narrative, these holidays provide an opportunity to deepen faith while strengthening family bonds. Advent wreath lighting can be a powerful symbol that ebbs away at anxiety in preparation for the Christmas celebration. Attending church services or spending quiet time praying and reflecting at home – these holidays provide great ways of deepening faith while strengthening family bonds!