For people who are fortunate enough to have never experienced even a small outbreak of acne on their face and neck and, indeed, have only ever had to deal with the odd pimple or too, then this article is not for you.

However, for the millions of people both in this country and beyond who are either currently struggling with acne or have been left with acne scars, you have most definitely come to the right place.

Here are some invaluable help and advice on living with acne and acne scarring. 

Visit a Skin Treatment Clinic

For example, a reputable skin treatment clinic Holywood and other areas have in service should be your next port of call when you have some free time over the weekend, as just one appointment could make a world of difference.

Everyone’s skin is different (quite literally in the context of DNA), and as such, even if a friend or family member has acne and finds a particular treatment to be entirely ineffective, this by no means indicates the same treatment will not work for you. 

It would also be worth pointing out that you should give a new acne treatment at least four weeks to start working and not dismiss it if you cannot see any improvement after only a few days. 

Speak to a Dermatologist

If your acne is causing deep and reddish blemishes on your skin that look as though they may leave a scar when they clear, or you have one or more small cysts on your face or neck, then you should definitely book an appointment to see a dermatologist at your earliest opportunity. 

Moreover, if your acne is preventing you from going about your daily life and even beginning to affect your emotional health and wellbeing, see your dermatologist, who may be able to prevent the acne from getting worse. 

Wash Your Face More Often

Obviously, depending on the look of your normal daily schedule, it may well be impossible for you to regularly wash your face at work, but wherever possible, you need to ensure that your face is as clean as it can be at all times.

This is particularly pertinent on warmer days when your face is hot and sweaty, as sweat can irritate acne and even cause and prolong flare-ups. Always remember, however, to never under any circumstances scrub your face and instead always be gentle. 

Other Tips to Prevent Acne Scarring 

As well as the advice discussed in detail above, there are several other proven-to-be effective ways of both helping to minimize an acne breakout and also to minimize the chance of scarring later on. 

One such tip is to resist picking, popping, or, indeed, touching your acne at all, even if you believe your fingers to be cleaner than they ever have before. You should also use any prescribed medication for acne on the area around the breakouts, not just the affected skin itself, and always use face products free from oil.