Dogs are incredible pets and are well known as man’s best friend. However, they can be unpredictable, sometimes leading to certain unwanted outcomes. Children are particularly susceptible to dog attacks because they are smaller and more enthusiastic than adults. Unfortunately, dangerous dogs pose a major threat to your kid’s health and safety. Although you may teach your child to avoid unusual dogs, here is what to do when the worst happens. 

  1. Get your child to safety 

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If a dog aggressively pursues your kid, your first goal should be to guarantee your child’s safety. Kids are much more vulnerable to serious dog bite injuries because they are often closest to the dog’s mouth. Since your child can do little to protect themselves, it is crucial to do everything to fend the dog off while keeping it away from your child. While doing so, remember to calm your child down so they won’t panic. 

  1. Seek immediate medical attention

As you and the child reach a secure location, dial 911 to summon police and emergency medical personnel. Depending on the degree of the attack, it may be best to take your child directly to the emergency department. However, having medics and police respond to the site has several advantages. It frequently aids in preparing an accurate report from the police and a record of the occurrence. If an injury appears minor, you should take your kid to the physician to be assessed. Even tiny puncture wounds might result in serious illnesses. 

  1. Call your attorney 

It’s best to contact a lawyer who has previously handled dog bite cases. A lawyer will thoroughly investigate every element of the claim, collect the evidence required to establish guilt, and manage any correspondence with third parties on the client’s behalf. That will entail contacting the dog owner’s insurance company. Meanwhile, you can contact attorneys like White Law personal injury lawyers if your child is hurt in a dog attack.

  1. Gather sufficient evidence 

When feasible, collect as much evidence as possible. That involves taking images of the area, the injuries, and, if possible, the dog with a smartphone or another camera at the moment of the event. Keep any ripped or bleeding clothes as evidence in case police or insurance companies require them. You may also get the names and contact details of any witnesses to the dog attack. These people can provide crucial information to law enforcement or insurance companies to assist you in seeking compensation for your child’s injuries.

  1. Keep a daily log and continue medical care

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Some experts advise that you keep a daily notebook or record every event, including the date of the incident, any medical care or follow-up appointments, and your child’s daily discomfort or problems due to the dog attack. These diaries will almost certainly be admissible in a lawsuit for personal injury prosecution against the dog owner. However, you must ensure that your child attends all follow-up medical appointments until the doctor believes they have attained maximal recovery. If you stop caring for your kid before the doctor tells you to, you may be unable to receive money from the insurance company.