Do you know that there is a significant difference between being stylish and being fashionable? Or that being fashionable does not equate to being stylish? Fashion fades fast, and trends can sometimes lack style. Therefore, if you are seeking to define your own fashion style then try to forget about placing importance on fast fashion. Similarly, while it can help to draw inspiration from celebrity style icons, try not to weigh your own style too heavily on these icons. Instead, work on cultivating your own sense of style.

So, if you are seeking out a complete style makeover or just looking to incorporate a little edge to your current style, some core aspects will help you to attain these goals. When you open up your closet, you want to be happy that the contents are reflecting your personal style. Take a look at these steps to understanding what style will work best for you, and how to cultivate your own personal fashion style.

1. Understand your Shape
All bodies are unique, but there specific profiles that categories body shapes. Once you understand your body shape, you will know how to complement it. Use a body shape calculator to help you figure out your body shape.

Once you know what your body shape is, you should turn your attention to your current wardrobe and clothes therein. Armed with a couple of honest friends or family members, you need to discern what current items work with your body shape, and which things work against you. You can also find out which celebrities have similar body shapes, and see what type of clothing and style they use and what they avoid.

2. Identify a Couple of Go-To Pieces
As you begin to craft your own style, you should have a few pieces in your wardrobe that become your signature pieces. These can be accessories, a particular color that you love, or even the way you do your hair.

Remember, fashion changes! So don’t opt for a signature piece just because it is in fashion. Choose something that you love- even if it is not fashionable. A successful signature style is not something that only lasts a couple of weeks or months. If you are looking for a truly ‘signature style, then this is something that will last for years. Therefore, it only makes sense that you select signature pieces that you adore because the chances are pretty high that they will be
pieces that reflect your personality. When you are personalizing your style, find some quality pieces like hoop earrings you can wear and love for years.

3. Get Creative

Think of creating your personal style as a design project. Set up a mood board, filled with details, about the kind of looks that you are in love with. You can even make use of digital places like Pinterest or even Instagram. This way, you can edit and adjust as you discover more of the style that reflects who you are.

4. Find What You Don’t Like
Even if something is in fashion, don’t wear it even if you don’t like it. You can find this out as you delve into your current wardrobe. Edit out what you actually don’t like. Chances are, there are a few pieces in your closet that you hardly ever wear but purchased them because you were influenced by fashion. Try this trick: when you are sorting through your wardrobe imagine how you feel when you are wearing something. If something doesn’t make you feel great, then toss it
out or give it to someone who will appreciate it. Be ruthless and only keep the things that make you feel good.

5. Find your Colors
Sometimes colors are in fashion, and when you walk down the street, you see it swimming in shades of that particular color. However, not everyone will suit every color.

Find the colors that suit you and design your wardrobe based on a particular palate. This will also help you when picking out outfits.

6. Look Outside the Norm
When seeking out inspiration, look beyond the usual celebrity crushes. Seek out new and interesting people to draw inspiration from. These people could be a random blogger that inspires you or even a someone that you work with.

7. Organize your Wardrobe
It’s time for your wardrobe audit. When creating a personal style, it is best to have an organized and highly efficient wardrobe. This means that you should de clutter your closet and donate the things that don’t fit into your new style mould.

8. Create your own Uniform
Whether you work from home or at an office, creating your own ‘uniform’ can help you in maintaining a signature look. Whether you want to stick to denim and whites for your working days or florals and scrunchies, choose a workday style and let that lighten up your workday load. Remember, this doesn’t necessarily have to be boring; you can play with the look by mixing and matching different accessories or colors. Just generate a basic working style guide and play around with it a bit for your work days.

9. New is Not Always Better
If you are always going to focus on all the new and trending brands and style, you are going to end up feeling burnt out and left behind. Plus, your bank balance will likely suffer too. Don’t be a slave to fashion (and marketing). Instead, place your attention on classic items that you will be able to wear for a while. Don’t shy away from vintage or second shops. In fact, shopping at second stores is the new way to go as more research highlights the effects of fast fashion on the environment.

At the end of the day, dress for yourself. Find the items that you feel good in, and develop your personal fashion style according to your personality. If you walk into a room feeling confident and dressed in items that make you feel good, then you will stand out from the crowd.