Many people all over the world worry about how they look. To feel more beautiful, we tend to buy a lot of jewellery. It looks good on us and makes us feel elegant and important. We grow in confidence and feel better about our looks.

The problem a lot of us have is that we buy too much jewellery. We end up wasting money on things we wear once then discard to the bottom of our jewellery box.

Today, I’m going to bring you some advice of my own. I’ve got a few things listed that I think everyone should consider when they buy jewellery:


Are You Getting Good Value For Money?

Obviously, your biggest consideration should be the price. How much are you going to pay for that necklace or those earrings? What you need to look for is value for money. Sometimes, it’s worth spending a lot on an item because you’ll wear it lots. It goes with plenty of outfits, and you can wear it every day. So, you’re getting good value for money by buying it. On the flip side, if you spend loads on an elaborate piece that only goes with one specific outfit you own, then it’s bad. You’re not getting a lot out of the purchase, so you shouldn’t buy it.

One thing that always sets prices through the roof is diamonds. Diamonds can be costly, and some jewellers try to charge you more for them. So, you have to be alert and know how much a diamond should cost. Sites like can help you with regards to diamond buying. Sometimes, it’s worth buying an item with smaller diamonds, because it’s better value for money.

Are You Buying From A Trustworthy Source?

The jewellery industry is riddled with fakes and rip-offs. There are so many companies that claim to sell genuine things online. In reality, they’re fake, and you’re being ripped off. My advice is to ensure you buy from trustworthy sellers like Jacobs The Jeweller official. Check reviews online to ensure you’re not throwing your money at a fake company.

The best way to make sure you buy from reliable sources is by going to actual jewellery stores. They have to be genuine, or they wouldn’t be allowed to set up the shop. Also, try and stick to the brand’s online store too. Of course, not every online brand has a store. For example, we were recommended to look into wedding rings who are an online store, who sell wedding rings for men and wedding bands, which would be a nice gift to your loved one. Just be sure you have done enough research into a company you many not be too familiar with and buying online too.

If you’re buying a Pandora item, buy it directly from This guarantees you’re buying a genuine item, and won’t get ripped off.

How Do You Know It Suits You?

If you’re buying online, then there’s every chance you won’t know if the item suits you. So, my advice is to buy your jewellery from a physical store like this jewellery store Parramatta. Somewhere you can travel to and try on the pieces before you buy them.

By doing this, you ensure that the item fits and looks good on you. So, you don’t have to waste money on returns! Or, even worse, buy something from a site that doesn’t accept returns and get stuck with it.

Take my advice on board and jewellery shopping will be a lot easier. You should manage to buy things that you like, and that you’ll wear a lot. As such, you minimise the amount of money you waste!