Feet are often an overlooked area of the body when it comes to maintenance and health- however, this should not’ be the case. Our feet work incredibly hard, not only do they support our weight but they’re often crammed into shoes which can put them at risk of all kinds of ailments. Blisters, corns, calluses, athletes foot, planters wart and bunions to name a few- there aren’t many other parts of the body that have to put up with such wear and tear. For good health, we need to be addressing all areas of the body and so if your feet have been forgotten about, here are some ways to show them some love!

Soak them

After a long day of being on your feet, they’ll be achy and sore. One of the best remedies is to simply soak them in hot water. This can relax the muscles and ease any pain, you can keep it simple with just a bowl or you could invest in a foot spa with vibration and massage features. Adding essential oils, himalayan salt or epsom salts can all be beneficial. You could go a step further to reducing pain and relaxing them by giving yourself a foot massage, roping a partner in to do it for you, or getting a portable feet massager. Otherwise, pay for a professional foot massage, as well as relaxing your feet it releases endorphins which promote feelings of wellbeing throughout the body.

Use orthotic insoles

If you regularly spend a lot of time on your feet or you’re already experiencing foot issues such as flat feet, insoles for flat feet are a good way to go. They can support your arches and provide cushioning, making your feet more stable and preventing/ reducing pain. If you stand in one place for a large part of the day, for example standing at a machine where you work in a factory then you could invest in a cushioned mat to stand on.


Due to our footwear and the pressure we put on our feet, it’s common for them to become dry and cracked. This can make them sore and also looks unpleasant too. Not great when summer rolls around and you want to wear sandals! After soaking your feet, dry them carefully and slather them with a rich foot cream. It might take some time to notice a difference if they’re in a bad way, but keep at it. One tip is to apply lots of lotion, then wrap your feet in cellophane and put socks over the top. Go to bed and when you wake up in the morning the product will have absorbed and your feet will be left much smoother.

Treat any conditions

Finally, if you are suffering with a foot condition then you’ll need to get this treated. Things like athletes foot and fungal nail infection can often be treated with over the counter products, but do speak to your GP if it doesn’t respond or you want advice. Any serious pain should be treated by a doctor, chiropodist or podiatrist.