I had the pleasure of interviewing Ellen Ector creator or Black Girls Workout TOO check out the interview below:
1.) Tell everyone about yourself how did you and your daughter get involved in fitness?
We both were basically unhappy with our bodies so we decided that we had to make a change. We knew that working out and eating healthy would change the way we looked and felt about our bodies. So we decided to make it a lifestyle.
2.)What inspired you to create this DVD? What is your story? Our inspiration for starting Gymnastics Fitness and “Black Girls Workout TOO! was simply because because of the lack of African American women being shown throughout the fitness industry. We felt as though we were left out in a a way. So we decided to make our presence known and show that African American women workout too.
3.) What makes this DVD different? You can expect 45 minutes of high energy, great music, several different workouts, a newly detailed meal plan and motivation that will make you want to workout to our DVD everyday. With this new DVD we aimed to making fitness fun while getting you to your targeted fitness goals.
4.) What’s next in store for Ellen and Lana Ector? You can definitely expect more fitness DVD’s coming from us in the future/ We have so many ideas to share with out audience and will definitely be presenting them very soon.
Ellen Ector
Fitness expert, Ellen Ector brings over twenty years of nutrition and training experience in her private, Atlanta based studio, Gymnastics Fitness. Built on the idea that fitness should be apart of your DNA. 
Gymnastics has become the premiere source for personal and group training to Atlanta’s elite. Always an avid runner and lover of sports, the Ohio native relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2000 and has competed in over 400 competitive road races.
One of her proudest moments is being honored by the State of Georgia for creating a walking program for adults with disabilities that resulted in outstanding results and weight loss for its participants. Ellen is currently working on continued efforts to help end childhood obesity as well as training children in track and field and cross country. With the release of her and her daughter’s first highly anticipated workout DVD. “Black Girls Workout TOO!”, 61 year old, Ellen Ector, is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness industry.