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Recently, I got to talk with Mrs. Myesha Chaney. Mrs.Chaney is a songwriter, recording artist, you have seen her on the  Preachers of L.A as the First Lady to her husband Pastor Wayne Chaney. She is a motivational speaker an author of a book called “Hiding Behind the Lipstick”. It was an honor and privilege to interview her and I know you will be inspired and blessed by what she has to share.

STN.Tell us a little about yourself. How do you find balance with being a Pastors wife, author, television personality and a mother. What advice would you give to women who are multifaceted?

MC: My name is Myesha Chaney and I have the pleasure of being a pastor’s wife, author, mother, and entrepreneur. I thoroughly enjoy being a daughter to my parents and a sister to my siblings. Although I am immensely passionate about ministry, family is the hallmark of my truly satisfied life. The key to balance is found in knowing there is no real balance on this side of heaven. Even when it feels like I am giving an equal amount of energy to all areas of my life, something I could not prepare for arises and wrecks everything. I have found that harmony is achieved when I am authentically giving myself to what feels right for me in a particular season of life. Staying spiritually sensitive is key to making critical adjustments to where I invest my time on a regular basis. Women that are multifaceted should always take a few moments for themselves. It is easy to lose the sense of self in ambition, accomplishments, and in the praises from people. It’s important to take even 15 minutes a day to just exist. It helps us remember our humanity, reflect on our personal needs, and to connect with the deeper needs of the soul. You can do it all, but give yourself permission to not do it all perfectly. Others will always ascribe their own drive and motivation on you in their advice for you to stop doing so much, to slow down, and to simply do one thing at a time. I have learned it is always best to listen to yourself in seasons of intense building. Go hard when you have a grace to do so and have restraint to pull back when you need to as well.

STN: I love the book “Hiding Behind the Lipstick” it resonated with me in so many areas of my life I was covering up who I was not realizing I was causing more harm than damage. What inspired you to write this book?

MC: I wrote Hiding Behind the Lipstick because I was tired of feeling that much of life was contrived, full of pretending, and overly intentional. There were messy parts of me that I wanted to be seen and shared yet I did not note many safe spaces to express the truth of my heart. I felt a real pressure to be perfect and to meet the expectations of others. Initially, Hiding Behind the Lipstick was an event that allowed women to be heard, to be seen, and to be loved just for being themselves. I decided to write the book to offer the material to many other women that needed to discover the beauty of their true selves.

STN: What message do you want to convey to readers?

MC: Women desire to be accepted for who they are. However, many of us are afraid of showing our true selves. In a society that praises beauty, accomplishment, and wealth, it seems we will never be good enough unless we appear to have it all. Hiding behind the Lipstick will help women combat the pressures of superficiality to discover their passions, pleasures, and purposes. As led to a place of renewal, readers will understand the benefits of being honest with themselves and each other. With everyday examples of women clinging to false identities, overwhelming expectations, and nagging lies, Hiding Behind the Lipstick opens the door for candid, life-changing conversations about life, love, and the masks that we all wear.

STN: We loved you in Preachers of LA are you in more upcoming shows?

MC: My experience on Preachers of LA was memorable and amazing. I look forward to being able to share my life, message, or personality on other shows in the near future.

STN: Where can we purchase the book and any upcoming book signing we should know about?

MC: You can purchase the book at or I am feverishly writing my next book that will serve as a follow-up to Hiding Behind the Lipstick. I look forward to signings and events around the new book early next year.

STN: What else is in store for Mrs. Myesha Chaney?

MC: I am growing, learning, and being trusted with more each daily. The sky is truly the limit as I practice the art of listening to God and obeying his direction. Besides recording a worship album, writing books, hosting national women’s gatherings, serving broken women everywhere, loving my husband and family, and giving my best to my church, I am looking forward to so many more precious moments with the Lord.