Interview with Pastor Richie Righteous

The first song I heard was called “Flip the Channel” and I was like whoa. I wasn’t a Christian back then, but I was very music conscious and listening to words like flip the channel Brittany and Madonna kissing sparked something in me that made me think. I said to myself who is this guy and how can I know more about him?

At my school Binghamton University, he had a concert. I got to see him live it made me re-think this Gospel again. How can someone who performs rap music be considered a Christian? These thoughts spun in my mind as I jumped and shouted along. Pastor Richie Righteous left an impression on me that soon took me out of the box of what a Christian should act, talk and look.

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Fast forward 2016….I am apart of a group called Genesis it is an Interdenominational youth and young adult fellowship this group is out of the box when it comes to how we worship so I though Pastor Richie Righteous would be perfect for this group. He came, and everyone loved his message it was enlightening and at the same time, and he even sang some songs.

Since being in contact with him, I thought that you would love to know what has been happening to Pastor Richie Righteous, and I got the opportunity to interview him.

1. Tell us about yourself.

Well, where do I start? I was born in Georgetown, Guyana and raised in Queens NY. I am a Christian Rapper. I have toured extensively and put out a lot of music that is known in the Christian hip hop community. I also pastor a church in Queens NY. Jamaica AG but we call it Church City USA. I am married to a beautiful woman by the name of SherryAnn. I am a father to four beautiful children.

2. Tell us about your new song I’ll be by myself what inspired you to write this song?
I have released four new songs. They are Is this Love? “By Myself,”Yes I am Loving” it and “Rapper’s Delight.” I highly recommend getting them all. Lol. But By myself came about when another artist friend of mine sent me the track with the hook already on it. I then immediately got the verses and knew what I wanted to say. The song is about dealing with people’s expectations of you and being what God says you should be. Sometimes we can get caught up in trying to be what people think is successful, but God has a whole different definition of success. His definition is the right one. So in those times when I begin to feel like I’m not a success, I went to God “By Myself” in prayer and allow that alone time with God to bring me back into the right way of thinking. Prayer helps keep you sane and grounded in truth.

3. Other than making music you also preach and is a family man how do you find balance?
I’m still trying to figure the balance. I love doing both, and I don’t plan on stopping anyone one of them anytime soon. There are difficult times when one suffers, but I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength. It’s all about time management, creating a strong team around you and learning how to say NO.

4. What’s next in store for Pastor Richie Righteous? I have an EP dropping soon. There will be more music more live sermons streamed and this summer we are touring and doing more concerts. Check me out at one of our live shows.

5. Where can we find your new song/album? Anywhere digital music is purchased or streamed and my website Also please follow on every social network including snap chat @richierighteous.