1.Tell us about yourself.My name is Brennon Jones. I’m an entrepreneur and an engaged father of 4. I’m originally from Chester, Pa currently residing in West Philadelphia.
2. How often do you do haircuts? “Haircuts4thehomeless” was a vision that I had for a little while now. If you download the (Haircut4Homeless) app there an complete bio of how I got started and the story behind it. Briefly, I gave to a homeless gentlemen one morning on my way to work. He remained on my mind the entire day. I felt in my heart there was much more I could offer him other than the dollar bill and the banana that I gave him. So I decided to combine my Passion for people with my 10+ years of experience in cosmetology, Haircuts4theHomeless was birthed!
3.How often do you do the haircuts? I try to do haircuts as often as possible. Since I’ve started the the movement I’ve been out just about everyday, except for when bad weather was a factor.
4.Do you find the homeless or they come to you? I go out and find the homeless myself. Once you download the Haircut4Homeless app, you’ll see how I travel the city and surrounding areas in search for homeless people to service.
5. Is there a shop or do you conduct haircuts outside all the time? I’m not currently in a shop. I’m a mobile barber, which means I go out and service my client in the comfort of their own homes.
6. When you started what was your desired outcome and did you expect the outcome? When I started I didn’t have a desired outcome. I was simply going out the to spread love and give back in a way that was different from the rest. In the short two weeks I’ve been servicing the homeless, the out pouring of love and support has been unbelievable. Totally unexpected!
7. What do you like to tell other people about helping others? If I could tell other anything about helping others I would tell the; Put yourself in the shoes of the countless individuals who have to beg for food, money, attention. Who have to roam the streets at night, or have to sleep in parks during rain and snow storms. Wouldn’t you want someone to help you?
To get in contact with Mr. Brennon Jones you can contact him on Facebook at Haircuts4thehomeless.