If you struggle to get your kids ready on time during mornings you are not alone. Parents all over the world are facing the same challenges that you experience on a daily basis. It’s your responsibility to make sure your children are clothed, washed and fed before they leave the house. But during the morning madness, this is not always easy to accomplish completely. Your child may take longer than you would like to get dressed or be unwilling to follow your instructions. They might not understand that you have to get to a destination at a particular time and want to play instead. You might also be feeling tired and unenergetic due to a lack of sleep. Whatever the reason, your mornings don’t always have to be so difficult and time-consuming. Use these simple ways to help you rejuvenate and reorganize your child’s morning routine with ease.



Get to bed earlier

One of the best ways to start the day is by ensuring your entire family is getting the right amount of sleep. If you have to wake your children up in the mornings, they may not be getting the right amount of sleep. This could also be the case if you have to use an alarm clock to wake yourself up each day. So to begin with, you need to get everyone to go to bed earlier. You should all be having at least eight hours sleep each night. So determine what time you and your children need to go to sleep and stick to it ruthlessly. Let your kids know what time you have chosen and think about activities you can include to make going to sleep easier. You might want to give your kids a warm bath or read them a story. Also, think about what you can do to make bedtime more relaxing for you. You might want to read a book, do yoga or listen to music for instance. Do whatever works for you and your child. This extra sleep will give you the additional energy you need to tackle each morning more efficiently.


Create a checklist

Another way of rejuvenating your children’s morning routine is by creating a list for them to use each day. This checklist should include every essential task they need to carry out from getting dressed to having breakfast. Each task should also have a time limit which you can track by using your smartphone’s timer. Always be realistic when choosing suitable timescales for each task. Write your checklist on a wall chart or chalkboard that can be displayed in their bedroom. Whenever a task is completed within the allotted time, award them with a sticker, tick or drawing on their checklist. This will turn the mornings into a fun competition which your kids will be eager to take part in. It will also give you both something fun to look forward to and help get things done much quicker.

If there are still tasks on your children’s checklist that you are having difficulty in completing, you may need extra help and support. For instance, if your son or daughter dislikes brushing their teeth, you could use Youtube videos or books to help make it more appealing. Also, some dentistries will offer a class to support your childs growth to ensure they look after their oral health. You can book with, Dentist Fort Lauderdale. You could also ask an expert for their suggestions using this from Monrovia Family Dentistry or by visiting your local dentist. This extra help can give you creative ideas that will make each task more fun and easier to accomplish. Visiting a family dentistry, will make it a much better experience for your children.


Prepare the night before

Preparing everything you need the night before is another fantastic method you can use. It’s also something that your children can get more involved in. Check the weather forecast online for the next day and ask your kids to choose weather appropriate clothing and shoes to wear. You may need to give them options to make sure they pick suitable attire. You can then lay these items out, ready to go for the morning. Next, you can ask your kids to help you prepare and pack their lunchboxes. They can decide what filling they would like in their sandwiches or what flavored drink they might enjoy. Put a reminder on your fridge to make sure your kids don’t forget to take their lunch boxes with them. You can also use this time to decide what everyone is having for breakfast to help you prepare for effectively. In addition to this, refer to yours and your child’s schedule to help you pack your briefcase and backpacks. Place these by your front door next to the shoes you want to wear. It may seem like a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely worthwhile.Our grandson being hugged by my wife. He is much of what our life is about.Picture

Get up fifteen minutes earlier

To help you feel more relaxed and less rushed, aim to wake up slightly earlier than your children each day. This additional time will give you a chance to take a long shower, apply your makeup and do your hair. You can use this extra time to get dressed and to get breakfast started before they wake up. You could put their cereal bowls out, prepare glasses of water or fruit juice or start making pancakes. If you want to, you could also spend five minutes with each of your children as they wake up. This quality time together can help to set them up for the day and gives you a chance to connect with one another. You can talk to them about a lesson they’ve got or a fun activity you can do after they finish school. This will give them something to look forward to as well as encouraging them to get ready as soon as possible. Even if it’s only ten or fifteen minutes earlier, it can make a significant difference to yours and your kids morning routine.
Use these methods to help make your morning’s less stressful and more enjoyable. The extra time they provide can make the mornings a time to look forward to rather than dread. This can will put you both in a fantastic mood and make you ready for the day ahead.